Floatmare – i was being electrocuted. But I was paralyzed and could not move.

I spent the morning working on a blog post related to floatation and also building up the database of isolation tanks. I was enjoying learning about new tanks and filtration systems.

Finally, I felt it was time to float so I hopped in.

Multiple times, I had the senation of not having enough air. So I popped open the flap on my tank each time.

Then something very unusual occurred: I kept having thoughts of Canada float tanks and USA float tanks. Then I started to think: “oh my god, I’ve got to get out of this tank … I’m being electrocuted, something has malfunctioned and I must get out” … but I couldnt get out. My arms were paralyzed. So I began creating the intent of getting out and bobbing my body up and down to create momentum in the arms. I managed to get one arm up to the lip of the tank.

That was when I realized I was having a floatmare – a nightmare in a floatation tank.


While surfing the web, I had some nagative feelings about the float room builder in Canada. I did not like my interaction with him and I felt his products were way overpriced. The electrocution bit comes directly from the marketing hype of my tank about being safe from electrocution.

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