Floatmare – i was being electrocuted. But I was paralyzed and could not move.

I spent the morning working on a blog post related to floatation and also building up the database of isolation tanks. I was enjoying learning about new tanks and filtration systems.

Finally, I felt it was time to float so I hopped in.

Multiple times, I had the senation of not having enough air. So I popped open the flap on my tank each time.

Then something very unusual occurred: I kept having thoughts of Canada float tanks and USA float tanks. Then I started to think: “oh my god, I’ve got to get out of this tank … I’m being electrocuted, something has malfunctioned and I must get out” … but I couldnt get out. My arms were paralyzed. So I began creating the intent of getting out and bobbing my body up and down to create momentum in the arms. I managed to get one arm up to the lip of the tank.

That was when I realized I was having a floatmare – a nightmare in a floatation tank.


While surfing the web, I had some nagative feelings about the float room builder in Canada. I did not like my interaction with him and I felt his products were way overpriced. The electrocution bit comes directly from the marketing hype of my tank about being safe from electrocution.

Imprinting the Water in My Floatation Tank with Positive Vibrations

Masaru Emoto was a pioneer in the research on how psychic intention can affect molecular structure of water. A few videos illustrating the power of words to affect water positively and negatively are:

  1. Rice Experiment Shows Water Has Feelings! (Masaru Emoto) (youtube.com)
  2. Masaru Emoto – Water Experiments (youtube.com)

I had some conversations with Shane Stott when ZenFloatCo was active about this topic. He had never heard of it before. As you can see, I am on a mission to be happy and am imprinting my floatation tank water with such a vibration:

I have a few other irons in the pot to achieve happiness. For instance, I do laughter yoga barefoot on the earth for 30 minutes – this allows negativity to drain out of the body.

As I float daily, I am dropping into deeper and deeper bliss. I can only imagine how having positively structured water is going to affect me in and out of the tank.

“Kismet” by Nadja Lind

best listened to with headphones, I was taken into this track deeper than I expected. iAwake Technologies has a huge range or audio tracks and programs designed to catapult you into the deeper recesses of your mind-space. I’ve never used ear pods in an isolation tank, but if I did, this is one track that I would definitely cue up.

What’s funny is that I was scrolling through my old posts and noticed that I posted on this very same track about a year ago!

“The Quiet Center”, a John C. Lilly Documentary (Trailer)

Thomas Köner – Daikan

This reminds me of Eliane Radigue to some extent. It is not quite “dark ambient” … nothing dark about it. I think “empty ambient” or “forlorn ambient” might be more accurate. Not as musical and conversational as Biosphere.

Imagine that a picture could make music. If so, then the cover art below best describes the music. This image is showing the burial site of Alfred Wegner, a polar researcher from the 1930s. As some have said, it seems even more fitting than the original cover art.

This was uploaded 11 years ago to YouTube by one person.

But I inline the version uploaded 6 years ago below:

Finding a Greater YOU Through Darkroom Retreat

Long ago, I was introduced to concept of darkroom retreat in the video at the bottom of this post. The image to the left summarizes the power of darkroom retreat. At first, you might see an urn (positive space). But then a few seconds later you might see two people (negative space).

After 9 days in dark room retreat, you become more acquainted with yourself as FORMLESSNESS RUNNING THROUGH FORM

As an analogy to the picture, you might see the two people more often than the urn.

I’ll be the first to admit that Jasmuheen is a controversial figure. But her expression of the power of isolation to find a greater you is quite exquisite. Fast forward to 7:26 in this video for details;

“Ache” by Lila Sakura

Lila Sakura has a diverse YouTube channel with posts ranging from spiritual mantras to dark spoken word poetry and much more. In this piece, she discusses how the inner You adapts and becomes plastic to live with other plastic people.

“Eternal Slumber” by Lila Sakura

“Kismet” by Nadja Lind

This track works its way into your brain and being slowly smoothly and deeply without limits. Even without headphones, this was baking my skull.

I’d listen to this every day during my morning commute on the bus and just look out the window. It really brought me peace when I felt like everything and everyone was fading away.