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IAGII – I am God in Isolation

IIIAG – In isolation, I am God!

We do not have a public swimming pool and therefore are not subject to the laws of the Health Department:

(R) "Public swimming pool" means any indoor or 
outdoor structure, chamber, or

tank containing a body of water for swimming, 
diving, or bathing that is

intended to be used collectively for swimming,
 diving, or bathing and is operated

by any person whether as the owner, lessee, 
operator, licensee, or

concessionaire, regardless of whether or 
not a fee is charged for use, but does

not mean any public bathing area or 
private residential swimming pool.

(1) "Diving" does not include professional
 stunt diving, theatrical diving

performances, and similar attractions if
 the body of water used for the stunt

diving, theatrical performance, or other
 attraction is used exclusively for

that purpose.

(2) "Bathing" means any activity with a
 body of water, except for personal

cleansing, religious ceremonies, medical
 purposes under the care of a

professional certified by the Ohio state
 medical board pursuant to Chapter

4731 of the Revised Code or participation
 in aquarium shows, professional

stunt diving, theatrical performances, 
dunking tanks, and similar attractions

if the body of water is used exclusively 
for that purpose.

(3) "Structure, chamber or tank" means 
any container that does not possess

both of the following characteristics:

(a) The container is easily portable when
 empty; and


(b) The container is capable of holding no
 more than one hundred fifty

gallons of water.

  • our pool is for religious ceremony
  • our tank is easily portable when empty
  • our tank operates with 125 gallons of water
  • our tank is not used collectively
  •   This proclamation marks the founding of the First Transuniversal Church of Sensory Deprivation! Our two commandments:
    1. It's all up to you
    2. See #1!