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Solyaris – East Ending


All details at: http://solyaris.altervista.org

tank sleep is where it’s at

To maintain the most awareness of the dream state and perhaps the other inner states listed in “The Deep Self” tank sleep is recommended… I just finished 1 hour of tank sleep where I had no physical interference during the entirety of a scenario.I feel like I had a full nights sleep after only 2 hours of floating.

It was only Stage 2 of Lilly’s 10 (simulating a body and simulating an external reality), but the lucidity of the dream and the ability to actually remember phrases and deeply feel mental emotions was much greater than when my body is fighting with planetside beds, temperature, mosquitos, clothes, etc. Everything was much smoother with fewer interruptions.

contemplating my male pregnancy

I dont think I will ever have a float as weird as the one I just did.I spent the morning at Sant Mat satsang then drove out to the nature preserve to look at alligators and to watch people fish. I got back home and did a few sun salutations and then made haste for my tank. I placed my attention on the pineal gland and before I knew it, I was having a 3-dimensional experience, conversations and everything.

Near the end, I was in this hallway and my mom said I would probably be getting a Caesarean section for *my* pregnancy. I started thinking I would go home because I would be bored in a hospital all night and the next day. I just hoped I would be able to drive myself to the hospital if I went into labor. I also could visualize the hospital as I thought about the boredom. It looked more like a senior care center with the large cushiony bed and dingy yellow curtains which filtered out so much sun that the room was dark.

I began to worry about the statistics for such a procedure. I began to wonder why people would take bodies and be so brave to risk death. I thought of my former room-mates daughter who gave birth even though she was a risk.

I could see my stomach and it was about like it is planetside – somewhat bulging but this time pregnancy was the cause not diet.

When I recovered from the float, the tank water was quite cold – I was so far into my mind trip that I was not aware of the inclement water temperature!

the sound itself is the teacher ; the tanks sews it all together

I forgot a very signicant part of this experience. The very first thing that happened before the teaching started is I saw some sort of star out of the corner of my eye that looked similar to the one here on the webpage of The Order of the Blue Star:http://www.soundhealing.org/

On 4/7/2011 3:29 PM, Terrence Brannon wrote:
> This is a long post because so much has happened in the past few hours.
> # cops
> I took my friend to do a massage at a hotel at 1am. I laid down to > sleep and a strong feeling that I was about to be attacked surfaced. I > ignored it, but it came back again, strongly. So I looked around and > decided maybe I should move to an area a little less secluded. Too > late! A cop started approaching me started asking for id and wanted to > search my car for drugs and I refused. Then a backup came and > threatened to bring out a police dog and sniff for drugs and any hint > of drugs would lead to 3 days in jail. I again refused. This went on > for awhile until they finally left.
> At times, I would try to radiate loving-kindness. At other times I > would listen for the inner sound. One thing I never did was take full > responsibility for the creation. One year of causal plane training > with Spiritologie and I’m still acting like a victim.
> # inner light
> So anyway, I climb into my tank for stress release right after me and > my friend get home. Then the next day I receive some info on an inner > light technique that actually works:
> http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~inner/
> I tried it a few times and enjoyed the resulting visuals. Then I was > still stressed so I decided to jump back into the tank. I did forget > to turn everything off so the heaters were running the whole time (grin).
> # tank
> So the tank session just led to deep deep sleep for about 2 hours. And > as soon as I came awake I listened for the inner sound (as taught by > Christopher Tims – http://www.soundhealing.org/) and caught it. At > that point a whirling torus of signs and symbols began to unfold in > front of my eyes. And none of it was created – I simply had to tune > into the sound.
> I dont know how successful I would’ve been with this technique On > Land. I’m certain that the Inner Sound alone is all you need, but > these other training wheels sure are nice.

I am simulating God as Money

“Simulations of God” John Lilly.

I dont think he ever really defined God in this text, but I think a good definition would be: “that which you must align with or suffer punishment”

Now, he discusses numerous potential Gods and in the appendix lists numerous other candidate ones to explore (such as Love).

I’m currently being forced to praise God as Money having spat in his/her/its face for the last 15 months. Since Jan 2010 (15 months ago), I have only worked 6 total months, living off savings and “doing what I want”.

However, the savings are exhausted and my escape from God is quickly coming to a close. Because there is little lucrative work in my area, I am forced to flee South Florida in the name of God.

How odd: the Bible says that money is a curse and to flee it. But that is a different simulation of God. My tax return, student loan, and monthly bills are a much larger and powerful God at the moment.

I am shameless. I will testify in the name of the Lord My Savior, the almighty dollar bill. I will stop at nothing to commune with the Lord My God. Distance is no issue to pursue my savior.

Open Source $2k Tank

On 4/2/2011 7:54 AM, x2012gart wrote:



It does seem like the containment tanks are a bit shallow.

yeah, I was worried about that. I got lucky. It’s 16 inches high and the water level with no person in it is 10 inches. But there is no splashing or over-run once I step in to float.

And this is definitely not a tank for people who are not agile. I will make a video of how to enter and exit soon. It’s not hard for me because I like swimming and sports in general. But my tank will never make the day spa — just hardcore types 🙂

In the video it looks like the level of the epsom salt solution comes quite high to the brim of the lower tank. I am wondering if there are tanks that are a bit higher. I saw this site:
http://www.aquaculturetanks.com/photos9.htm – something like picture 98,

wow, nice find! That place is a 2-hour car drive from me! I took a look at the price list – http://www.aquaculturetanks.com/price6.htm

and my tank dimensions are more expensive. However, because theirs is made of fiberglass, you could put a radiant heater UNDER the tank, just like is done in my float to relax. No heat transfers through the plastic of my tank.

But the 16 inches I have is enough… even 14 inches would be OK. My tank is a low-rider. Black, sleek, hung low to the floor (grin).

sure these guys could do a custom size.

Well, my tank is 5 feet wide — very wide by tank standards. I asked about just making it 4 feet or so and they said the cost would be 4 times as much. I think they have certain molds already made and pre-make a huge batch of tanks so a custom job would be very expensive.

Not sure how the Pondmaster Filter System works, do you stick the
thing in the water solution and just let the end stick out the clean water flowing.

The pondmaster does not work and here are my videos to document that:

A tech support guy at Foster and Smith Aquatics suggested it, but it seems that you need a good 1 hp pump to deal with our 300 gallon saltwater systems.

Maybe would like to look at the LifeGard Aquatics and put some holes
into the bottom containment tank to pump water in and out.

Heheh, the sophisticated way. Yes, that’s how the pros do it. But I want to minimize the possibility of leaks, so I’m going to setup something similar to how Barbara Cherington did her pipe work:

But she did in fact put holes there to go into her tank. I will just manually bring the pump to the water after the float… I would like to use flexible hose, but I think the horsepower is too strong.

But again, my focus is on simplicity first. I want a soccer mom to be able to put together this tank if necessary…. lol

Heating the water seems easy and works, but some tanks clearly have
the heating under the containment tank,

yeah it depends on the material – with fiberglass that should work. But I used a 300 watt calesco waterbed heater and it didnt alter the temperature very much. Perhaps if I tried the liner approach that would work. But I’m all about fast, easy simple because I’m lazy and have a short attention span 🙂

and can keep the heating on
so during longer floats the water can stay at a consistent tempurature.

yeah, long unbroken floats are important for monk work. For your day spas where each person just does 1-hour, then passive heating is fine. But I certainly have become aware of the temperature after maybe 2 hours. It’s a fact that for the 1st hour you are radiating heat and warming the tank, so temperature becomes an issue in the 2nd hour.

And yes, temperature consistency would be better. But some floaters here are quite sensitive to electric waves and know when the heater turns on mid-float – I tend to leave the physical realm altogether, so I’ve never noticed anything like that.

of course, I could counter the whole monk argument because I’ve done zen retreats. They dont necessarily stick to one form of meditation for a long time. They might do sitting for 30-90 minutes and then walking and then back to sitting. So, if they can build up a samadhi while switching meditations, we can certainly pop out of the tank and reheat while we do some on-land meditation.

This also might be safer in terms of the electrics.

I unplug from the wall before every float so I have no worries.


genuine astral journey – yoga dreams, pizza doors

The astral plane is the plane of desire. And this morning experience was clearly based on desire.I awoke and did Bikram Yoga outdoors,the whole time lamenting having left the formal training in a studio. So then I go inside to float and am amazed at how much loosening occurs – the floatation tank following yoga is the perfect combination.

Eventually the technique (to remain hidden for 3-4 more days) led me into a long lucid journey of which I will only detail 2 parts

In one part, I was walking through my old yoga training studio and asking people if this were the advanced class and a girl says ‘yes’ with a resonant pure voice and I’m jealous because I dont qualify for the advanced class.

So I get home and I’m raising the garage door and then start eating through the door because the door is made cheese pizza and I start explaining how pizza can be a great home business.

Why was this an astral journey?

I desire to be an advanced hatha yoga practitioner so I cooked up such an astral journey. But an even greater desire is to fall short of my dreams so I cooked up a journey in which I am rejected

I have decided to go 100% raw food and pizza was my good-bye meal because I love it so much. The hidden urge to eat miles and miles of pizza resulted in an astral trip where I could eat a garage door made of pizza — lolololol!

Study the Inner Light and Sound Mystery School Teachings of Ancient Civilizations


it is highly relevant to the events of 2012.
it is the key to freedom
it is the common thread in all religious teachings
it is

The Commitment

This is a year commitment to hosting one lecture per month. You can visit the lecturer’s websites at:

  • http://bluestarmysteryschool.net/
  • http://www.soundhealing.org/
  • http://christophertims.com/



this is so funny

There was a lot of wild spiritual experience in today’s float… ok, ok, psychic junk food! Once again I used a technique in the tank that I learned about outside the tank. I have 5 more days of self-imposed silence on the technique itself but something happened that was just so funny.So, I managed to achieve several things via floatation and this technique. And by the time I finished the temperature had dropped to 91 degrees (normally I cant take more than 92 or 93) and I didnt notice it because I was out of body so much.

But anyway, at one point, I realized that what I was doing was breaking into fitness clubs and installing float tanks there. Then when the owner would show up, I would try to talk him into buying the tank….

So one time, I end up in a fitness shop and I’m floating and the owner comes in confused and starts knocking on the door and pacing around. I decide to play peek-a-boo and look under the corner of the tank but then get scared and hop silently back to the other side of the tank.

By the way, Jose Arguelles ascended this month.

the shaman’s drum and silva ultra mind

Interesting hypothesis – binaural more effective than isochronic.I imagine shamanic drumming to produce theta waves would be isochronic. And I know the Silva Method beat is a simple beat at the alpha rhythm with nothing binaural.

But then we have some good binaural programs as well – The Monroe Institute comes to mind.

The advantage of isochronic is you can just blast a radio outside the tank and still get entrained. I know. The Silva Method beat is freely available and the 2nd strongest meditation technique I’ve done in the tank.

The number one technique I did today but will not mention anything about for at 6 more days as I work with it more and more.

On 3/9/2011 3:10 PM, Kane wrote:

Hi Bobby,

Here are two brands of underwater earphones and cases that I have used.



Here is an opensource binaural beats generator program to create specific frequencies (I have not used it)


This is the most exhaustive list of frequencies and their effects on the body that I have come across.


Although I haven’t experimented with them, isochronic tones are said to produce the same effect as a binaural beat, but without the need for isolating the ears, it simply uses a beat that plays out in the body as a frequency. In my undereducated opinion, it seems that binaural beats would be more effective because it is creating the effect with a more enhanced structure, but this is only my guess.


Thanks for your very interesting reply, Kane. I spoke with the dentist who is the facial nerve specialist here in Phoenix. He was the one who was finally able to diagnose what was happening. He said the stimulus activation (I don’t want to label it “pain”, because that is an association I do NOT want to make)  was NOT connected to head and neck position or relaxation. So, I am very interested in what you can come up with on rhythms/pulses for brain distraction or calming or whatever we should call it.

Of course, then I will have to find a way to hear it. The float center I used has a factory installed digital system and I do not think I can bring in my own CD. I  want to build my own outdoor open float pool (Phoenix, AZ), now that I know floating is not effecting my nerves on a body-positioning level. So, how do you think I could listen? Are there underwater I-Phones now? (yeah, I can Google that question, but I’d like to know others experiences).