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“Morning” by 33 Bowls

33bowls · 33bowls morning

Stimulating interview with the artist.

Just climbing out of the tank?

this provides a nice ramp-up from the utter void… eventually moving into Carbon-Based Lifeforms / Sounds from the Ground territory without ever getting that heavy on the beat.

“Sunlight of Oneness”by Phillip Wilkerson

More excellent atmospheric textures to enjoy from Phillip Wilkerson.

“mothlight” by gnomon

Gnomon image

New York, New York

Ambient soundscape in the sense of ambient put forward by Brian Eno. Music that can be listened to in the background without ever noticing it.

This music seeps through your pores and regenerates your inner flows.

Download and listen to gnomon now.

Solyaris – East Ending


All details at: http://solyaris.altervista.org

this Deepspace grows on you.

Not aggressive space music. Very floatey. This first release by Deepspace has joined my discriminating collection.

thank you Michael Shannon

Michael Shannon is a prolific ambient and space artist on archive.org . I like about 25% of his work.

* Domestic Tranquility is not bad

* Icicles on Bells is not bad either. Thing is, it has a lot of movement and change which make it somewhat hard to float to.
but mainly I am grateful for him pointing me to some free software to compose ambient music. if you read his music overviews, he points you to IXI Software and Jungulator.

Thank you Michael.

"Galactic Drift" by Phillip Wilkerson

This piece is the very definition of Deep Space Music. I was near the end of a 1-hour float and felt my body was opening up quite nicely… even laterally as opposed to the normal head-to-neck elongation, then, this piece kicked in on the speakers.

Instantly I was cast into expanded awareness. GNOSIS. Silent ecstasy. And the first hit of this piece was just the beginning. Inner space is unlimited as “Galactic Drift” reveals. Deeper, deeper, ever expanding into realms beyond description.

Instead of reading about intergalactic travel, or watching Sci-Fi, the unlimited heavens are now at your fingertips.

 Download your free copy now.

I coulda sworn I was listening to Biosphere

I had just finished listening to Biosphere when I put on some Bluedark. It sounded just the same – moody, swirling aquatic dark ambient.

Do yourself a favor and check it out today.

waves of ambient tones roll over you…

I went to archive.org to grab an old copy of spacetimetanks.com and noticed the Curator’s Choice… and indeed it is.

emanuele errante presents ambient music with a taste for electronics and environment… a truly masterful mix.

Download now