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Collective Isolation – moon 11 to moon 12 – May 29 11:30pm EST

Kane Mantyla pioneered the concept of using the isolation pod as a tool for collective consciousness. In order to keep the torch burning, I am taking up the helm.

In order to escape the chaos of this universe, the tank by itself is an excellent device. I am personally discovering the most sinister external device for creating outer chaos to be the Gregorian/Julian calendar, which is irregular, irrational, and un-natural.

The Dreamspell calendar is a 13-moon calendar, with many overlaps with many ancient 13-moon calendars – Mayan, Druid, etc.

It contains offers cyclic harmony at many levels of detail:

  • daily – each day has the same lunar relationship in every year
  • weekly – each week has 7 days to respect the 7 radial plasmas which pervade our galaxy (target, flow, pacify, establish, release, purify, discharge)
  • monthly – each AND EVERY month has exactly 4 weeks and 28 days – no exception EVER
  • yearly – each year contains exactly 13 moons and 1 day out of time (July 25-26).

It is the ideal means of external reprogramming. Instead of isolating yourself from material creation you harmonize with its rhythms.

Thus, we float from the end of 1 moon to the beginning of the next moon, moon after moon after moon.

The one exception occurs when we reach moon 13. We float from moon 13 directly into the Day out of Time.

In Kane’s original formulation of the collective float, there was inner and outer synchronization. We entered the pod at the same time and we used the same visualization.

I am more interested in anchoring us only in external time. What we do in our personal universes during this external anchor is completely up to us. This sets up some amazing fireworks. Why is this? From the standpoint of John C. Lilly and Jose Arguelles (inventor/channeler of the Dreamspell Calendar) we have the following understanding:

– there are no limits in the mind – the imaginal realm is the highest of the high, infinite Creator of universes upon universe. In fact, we could name person after person who asserts this: Andreas Buttler, Mark Twain, etc. That does not mean it is the absolute truth. But it certainly is a provable working hypothesis!

So what does this mean for us as collective floaters? Well, it turns the collective isolation from a line segment into a kaleidoscopic pinwheel… how so? When Gods in Isolation have the same internal universe and external universe you can put 1 point in the imaginal realm for their creative activity there. And anotherĀ  1 point in the external universe for their activity there. However, when the Gods in Isolation have no limits in the imaginal realm, the external fix point of time is still 1 point. But an infinity of creations is occuring simultaneously in the imaginal realm.

So we maintain a rhythmic connection to this solar system by tracking our activity to the harmony of 13 moons. And we maintain our right to “DO WHAT THOU WILT SHALL BE THE WHOLE OF THE LAW” as Gods in Isolation.

Please be in the chat room around 11pm or 11:30 EST – http://xat.com/CollectiveIsolation.

“””May love continue to expand your Creation, “”” – KM

a book to help caregivers access the spiritual being

IDHHB is working on a book to help caregivers access the spiritual being of those they are careing for, so floating relates…

To provide your floating experiences, please be in the Gorebagg TV chat channel at Justin TV at 9pm EST next Wednesday.

who am i (kundalini style)

Hello, I’m glad to join Phoenix Tools. In an attempt to describe who I am, I will do my best to list what I do and what I have, since that is probably the best I can do (grin). I encountered Phoenix Tools through the gracious video response of Betsy to a video of mine on youtube entitled Largely Shakti-Driven Movements.  At that time, I had taken my initiation from Guru Siyag recently. As is typical of me, after about 3 months of this system, I lost interest. I had been doing a focusing technique in Franz Bardon’s “Initiation into Hermetics” where you simply watch all thoughts with a neutral perspective. I began to ask myself: “why am I doing this kundalini system?  Do I really think I am here in this body in need of this?” and then I stopped it. It was quite powerful, I had a few visions and certain sounds indicative of Sant Mat style soul travel. But anyway, I quit my regular daily practice and went on to other things. Primarily at this moment, my enjoyable practices are:

  1. Dreamspell calendar – I am deprogramming myself from the Gregorian chaos and into the syncretic old-age new-age 13-moon calendar inuited primarily by Jose Arguelles
  2. SomaEnergetics tuning forks – Betsy speaks of entrainment on her website. After a tuning fork session, my breathing is silky smooth and perfectly rhythmic and completely effortless – it was never that way when I was doing Leonard Orr’s rebirthing breathwork. It was more forced rhythmic breathing then. I really love striking the high-pitched angel tuners against a piece of crystal
  3. Isolation tank – AKA sensory deprivation tank, floatation tank. I own a tank and it is maybe the greatest thing for me. It has obvious physical, mental benefits. And I am now sleeping in my tank and I awake super hydrated and having lightly surfed along with the body as it ran out it’s subconscious programming.
  4. Phoenix Tools – I’m attracted to the copper ring and will post separately on my efforts thus far
  5. psychedelics – I am the Columbus president of the Cannabis Protection Union and am an avid San Pedro cactus fan. I respect all the shamanic psychedelics. I love smokeable DMT. San pedro seems to be the most kundalini based psychedelic. It methodically forces you to defect and perhaps throw up. Then King San Pedro starts contracting your stomach and perhaps contracting your anus in and out as MOther Kundalini makes her way up. One of the best video sessions I had with Guru Siyag was captured to youtube as “Signposts of Kundalini’s Ascent” – it discusses in no-nonsense terms what you can expect as kundalini makes her way up. I have had some of these signs, but I am too lazy for regular diligent practice
  6. blood pH dieting. There are many many many ways to look at diet, but pH ties directly into the alkaloid aspect of the positive psychotropics. Most dieting and illness-producing things like pollution acidify our blood. I am happy that psychedelics, a certain diet and alkaline water (whether in my float tank or from a water ionizer) balance this out. I chanced across the phIon balance family of products and their youtube videos. They are quite impressive and much cheaper than a water ionizer.
  7. Scientology – I never can get totally away from Scientology. It was one of the greatest influences on me ever. The Freezone is certainly safer than the Church, but even in the freezone, there are always new developments. The cross-link between Betsy’s website and scientology occurs when she speaks of how to do self-healing by doing nothing. The buddhists call this “bare attention” and Franklin Merrel Wolff called it “high indifference” I was working with this last night in a creative way… we humans have awareness and creativity as are king and queen powers… I choose creativity over awareness. So, the instructions to John Lilly from ECCO (earth coincidence control office) were: expect the unexpected. It’s just that simple. In a single moment, you are running 10,000 tape loops based on conditioned expectations. Just a microsecond in the imaginal realm and re-chart your phenomenal realm outcome (to borrow from Volume III of Jose Arguelles’ cosmic history). And in spiritologie they refer to it was “zero perception”
  1. Lawanna Rine – now I found lawanna because I wanted to do 10 rebirthing sessions, but I quickly found out I found someone who grabs any and everything to get the job done. She is a certified rebirthing breathworker, but she will bring in Saint Germain’s Violet Flame and Theta Therapy and whatever else to get the job done. And amazingly, she has no website. She lives on a 23 acre 500,000 dollar property by herself in the woods and yet draws enough people to her in Strasburg, OH to cover all finances! She is 83-years old and an advocate of physical immortality. And she has no gray hair.

Simple Tank Phase 1

Thanks to the president of Leisure Pools here in Columbus, the seeds of the first simple tank have sprouted. I looked around for alternative suppliers of his idea to use a water tank and hit upon a livestock trough

So from there I modelled up just how a simple tank could be built….

Wearable floatation tank

A hilarious comment from dokgoth on justin.tv –

13 Moons and Collective Isolation – May 29, 2009

The Gregorian calendar is disruptive and not aligned with any natural cycles.

The 13 Moon Calendar respects the natural lunar rhythms in the woman.

As water spirit people, we certainly would want a lunar rhythm as opposed to the solar rhythms that came later.

Jose Arguelles invented his 13:20 calendar based on his knowledge of Mayan timekeeping.

It contains 13 months, just as the moon rotates around the earth 13 times in a year.

Each month has exactly 4 weeks of 7 days.

The goal is to start a float around 11 or 11:30pm on the last day of each month.

When we do this in the 13th month, we will float right into The Day Out of Time: 7/25/2009.

Lilly pioneered a method for space – the 3rd dimension.

Systematic use of his technology at rhythmic times can re-align us with our higher bodies as 4th dimensional architects of the universe.

Please familiarize yourself with the 13-moon timekeeping prior to the next float on 5/29/2009


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A Black Widow is stuck to my finger!

So I was using the Bare Attention Tank Tactic this morning.

It was pretty wild. I gave my mom a hug. I floated up some steps (making sure that Dad did not see me doing it).

It got upstairs and laid down. And behold! A spider was on my finger. I shook it off — or so I thought. I looked again: STILL THERE!

I shake like mad… I shake myself right into THE WAKING STATE!

Tactical Tanking Treatise 1 – bare attention

Bare attention is the great solvent of the lie: “I am this body”

Regardless of which tradition it comes from, let’s see how we can apply it to our tank “work”

1 – climb in your tank
2 – lay down
3 – various mental holdings will create physical holding which register in your body as density, tension, pressure and god-forbid pain

You are a spirit and everything you have thought and integrated into your body was done with your explicit consent. Because you added these things onto yourself, only you can ultimately remove them.

The process is simple: pay unyielding objective attention to the cluster/stuck point as it is… because it really wants to keep moving like everything in the Matter, Energy, Space, Time universe. Only YOU are holding it there at mental level.

I got in my tank at 5:45 am this morning and did this process. All I can say is:

1 – ZOWIE!
2 – why is this list so non-metaphysical?

I came out at 9am a new man.

The most religion-free presentation of this technique is here – http://web.archive.org/web/20071102071220/http://www.soloprocessing.eu/

He took down his website and joined the Spiritologie movement.

beltain 2009 trip report

It was predetermined to use the KLM formula for tank-alchemy:

  1. K – Kane – section 1.1 – Objective, Subjective, Placebo, Nocebo
  2. L – Lilly – “The Dyadic Cyclone” – instructions from ECCO
  3. M – ME! – per “Tanks for the Memories” – invent reasons for tank incidents

Section 1 – took a lot of effort to hold to a linear train of thought long enough to meditate on this data, but I perservered.

Section 2 – here is where I began to really work to form a space

Section 3 – had numerous fascinating sub-incidents:

condensation #1 and 2 – when a drop fell on me, I saw that woman with Black hair weeping because she did not know how to find me. on the next condensation drop, she used her tears to mix a potion to conjure me



Frank – went through several obvious expectations before I finally prepared for the unexpected and something wild happened – his head was spinning 1000 times faster and in complete circles!

violating feminine points – before the tank session, I had been reading about Lilly and dolphins and dreaming of having a pet dolphin to float with. I realized how vane that was from a financial standpoint. But in the tank, I decided to grow a body and have sexual fun with a point of energy expressing itself as feminine. I thought I was fully conscious and capable of getting away with this dastardly act.

Before I knw it, I was beset by various forces in the water. A few times I saw my physical body thrashing against the walls of the tank in horror. A huge fear gripped me: “what if an octupus gets my arms?” But then even worse, a huge chasm was forming in the pool of water, sucking me down. Iwrithed left and right with no success! I was going to drown, to drown!

And then the tank experience ended.

My muscles were much much softer everywhere.