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Finding a Greater YOU Through Darkroom Retreat

Long ago, I was introduced to concept of darkroom retreat in the video at the bottom of this post. The image to the left summarizes the power of darkroom retreat. At first, you might see an urn (positive space). But then a few seconds later you might see two people (negative space).

After 9 days in dark room retreat, you become more acquainted with yourself as FORMLESSNESS RUNNING THROUGH FORM

As an analogy to the picture, you might see the two people more often than the urn.

I’ll be the first to admit that Jasmuheen is a controversial figure. But her expression of the power of isolation to find a greater you is quite exquisite. Fast forward to 7:26 in this video for details;

“Ache” by Lila Sakura

Lila Sakura has a diverse YouTube channel with posts ranging from spiritual mantras to dark spoken word poetry and much more. In this piece, she discusses how the inner You adapts and becomes plastic to live with other plastic people.