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Floatmare – i was being electrocuted. But I was paralyzed and could not move.

I spent the morning working on a blog post related to floatation and also building up the database of isolation tanks. I was enjoying learning about new tanks and filtration systems.

Finally, I felt it was time to float so I hopped in.

Multiple times, I had the senation of not having enough air. So I popped open the flap on my tank each time.

Then something very unusual occurred: I kept having thoughts of Canada float tanks and USA float tanks. Then I started to think: “oh my god, I’ve got to get out of this tank … I’m being electrocuted, something has malfunctioned and I must get out” … but I couldnt get out. My arms were paralyzed. So I began creating the intent of getting out and bobbing my body up and down to create momentum in the arms. I managed to get one arm up to the lip of the tank.

That was when I realized I was having a floatmare – a nightmare in a floatation tank.


While surfing the web, I had some nagative feelings about the float room builder in Canada. I did not like my interaction with him and I felt his products were way overpriced. The electrocution bit comes directly from the marketing hype of my tank about being safe from electrocution.

Isolation: the gentle, non-painful near death experience

I’ve recently come across two people who had significant near death experiences – Dannion Brinkley, author of “Saved by Light” and Mickey Robinson, who also wrote a book. On a day to day basis, I lose the larger picture of life after life (to quote Raymond Moody). I get wrapped up in things that are little and trivial from the big picture. Both Dannion and Mickey received rather severe wakeup calls from The Other Side.

Lord, if it can be arranged, let me learn about The Other Side without all the trauma

I have no desire to be electrocuted by lightning, slammed on my face during a plane crash, or anything remotely that traumatic. Not even a broken leg like my friend Carol got which led to altered states of consciousness.

I’ll take the tank, the whole tank and nothing but the tank.

The tank gives me a near death experience of sorts… I suppose… well it will have to do for me.

electric body out of control hovering

So, I’m in my zen float tent and I feel the tension in my forearms. Lots of tension from so much computer use. I figure: “oh well, this is going to a physical float and it will be that way until I float enough to get rid of this tension. probably weeks of daily floating is going to be necessary.”

But then I noticed big holes in my arms where the tension was. Then I noticed the pelvis was tight. I figured: “wow, the tank is great at finding and releasing tension.”

So then it felt like my arms were being zapped with low voltage. I got worried and figured I was being electrocuted. This is the 2nd time this has happened and in all my years of floating, it never happened. I figure that Orgasmic Medtation was the reason that I had that electricity. But I notice my heart is just fine, so I ignore it. Then the electricity is so powerful it is humming. and it seems like I do a forward flip out of the bottom of the tank through a vortex.

And suddenly I’m walking through a college food plaza. I realize that I left the house naked and say – “Oh my god, i will never do this again, let me fly back secretly.”

So I try to fly back and fly low but I keep not being able to choose y direction. I get blown backwards again and again. and i’m flying backwards fast and I worry that instead of going through buildings I will crash.

oral holding patterns released by floatation

It seems that you only value floating when you deprive yourself of it. Today, was apparently uneventful. Tension after tension melted time and again, almost imperceptibly. Then I noticed I was having debates with my boss. I realized my mouth was releasing held patterns of tension that had been locked in. 

Floating is quite something else.

contemplating my male pregnancy

I dont think I will ever have a float as weird as the one I just did.I spent the morning at Sant Mat satsang then drove out to the nature preserve to look at alligators and to watch people fish. I got back home and did a few sun salutations and then made haste for my tank. I placed my attention on the pineal gland and before I knew it, I was having a 3-dimensional experience, conversations and everything.

Near the end, I was in this hallway and my mom said I would probably be getting a Caesarean section for *my* pregnancy. I started thinking I would go home because I would be bored in a hospital all night and the next day. I just hoped I would be able to drive myself to the hospital if I went into labor. I also could visualize the hospital as I thought about the boredom. It looked more like a senior care center with the large cushiony bed and dingy yellow curtains which filtered out so much sun that the room was dark.

I began to worry about the statistics for such a procedure. I began to wonder why people would take bodies and be so brave to risk death. I thought of my former room-mates daughter who gave birth even though she was a risk.

I could see my stomach and it was about like it is planetside – somewhat bulging but this time pregnancy was the cause not diet.

When I recovered from the float, the tank water was quite cold – I was so far into my mind trip that I was not aware of the inclement water temperature!

the sound itself is the teacher ; the tanks sews it all together

I forgot a very signicant part of this experience. The very first thing that happened before the teaching started is I saw some sort of star out of the corner of my eye that looked similar to the one here on the webpage of The Order of the Blue Star:http://www.soundhealing.org/

On 4/7/2011 3:29 PM, Terrence Brannon wrote:
> This is a long post because so much has happened in the past few hours.
> # cops
> I took my friend to do a massage at a hotel at 1am. I laid down to > sleep and a strong feeling that I was about to be attacked surfaced. I > ignored it, but it came back again, strongly. So I looked around and > decided maybe I should move to an area a little less secluded. Too > late! A cop started approaching me started asking for id and wanted to > search my car for drugs and I refused. Then a backup came and > threatened to bring out a police dog and sniff for drugs and any hint > of drugs would lead to 3 days in jail. I again refused. This went on > for awhile until they finally left.
> At times, I would try to radiate loving-kindness. At other times I > would listen for the inner sound. One thing I never did was take full > responsibility for the creation. One year of causal plane training > with Spiritologie and I’m still acting like a victim.
> # inner light
> So anyway, I climb into my tank for stress release right after me and > my friend get home. Then the next day I receive some info on an inner > light technique that actually works:
> http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~inner/
> I tried it a few times and enjoyed the resulting visuals. Then I was > still stressed so I decided to jump back into the tank. I did forget > to turn everything off so the heaters were running the whole time (grin).
> # tank
> So the tank session just led to deep deep sleep for about 2 hours. And > as soon as I came awake I listened for the inner sound (as taught by > Christopher Tims – http://www.soundhealing.org/) and caught it. At > that point a whirling torus of signs and symbols began to unfold in > front of my eyes. And none of it was created – I simply had to tune > into the sound.
> I dont know how successful I would’ve been with this technique On > Land. I’m certain that the Inner Sound alone is all you need, but > these other training wheels sure are nice.

genuine astral journey – yoga dreams, pizza doors

The astral plane is the plane of desire. And this morning experience was clearly based on desire.I awoke and did Bikram Yoga outdoors,the whole time lamenting having left the formal training in a studio. So then I go inside to float and am amazed at how much loosening occurs – the floatation tank following yoga is the perfect combination.

Eventually the technique (to remain hidden for 3-4 more days) led me into a long lucid journey of which I will only detail 2 parts

In one part, I was walking through my old yoga training studio and asking people if this were the advanced class and a girl says ‘yes’ with a resonant pure voice and I’m jealous because I dont qualify for the advanced class.

So I get home and I’m raising the garage door and then start eating through the door because the door is made cheese pizza and I start explaining how pizza can be a great home business.

Why was this an astral journey?

I desire to be an advanced hatha yoga practitioner so I cooked up such an astral journey. But an even greater desire is to fall short of my dreams so I cooked up a journey in which I am rejected

I have decided to go 100% raw food and pizza was my good-bye meal because I love it so much. The hidden urge to eat miles and miles of pizza resulted in an astral trip where I could eat a garage door made of pizza — lolololol!

this is so funny

There was a lot of wild spiritual experience in today’s float… ok, ok, psychic junk food! Once again I used a technique in the tank that I learned about outside the tank. I have 5 more days of self-imposed silence on the technique itself but something happened that was just so funny.So, I managed to achieve several things via floatation and this technique. And by the time I finished the temperature had dropped to 91 degrees (normally I cant take more than 92 or 93) and I didnt notice it because I was out of body so much.

But anyway, at one point, I realized that what I was doing was breaking into fitness clubs and installing float tanks there. Then when the owner would show up, I would try to talk him into buying the tank….

So one time, I end up in a fitness shop and I’m floating and the owner comes in confused and starts knocking on the door and pacing around. I decide to play peek-a-boo and look under the corner of the tank but then get scared and hop silently back to the other side of the tank.

By the way, Jose Arguelles ascended this month.

tank session mocked up by Sound Current Meditation

So, I was not in my tank. I was sitting indian style and doing some Sound Current meditation. I got sleepy and laid down. Next thing I knew, I was gasping for air and pushing upwards to the top of my tank. My nose crashed into the ceiling of the tank.Right around this time, I realized that I had not been floating but merely laying down for a nap after a session of Sound Current meditation.


responsibility for players; intra and extra tank fantasy; heating the float room and bathroom

I woke up this morning and did a 30 minute insight meditation. After that, I realized that all trauma has to do with thinking a separate “I” was injured by a separate other. This is called the Responsibility Scale of 1962 in L. Ron Hubbard’s writings.So anyway, I was laying in the tank, doing something. I was either watching my breath or watching thoughts and studying how I felt I was separate from the person I was thinking about.

Before too long, I was having the following fantasy:


I was rolling down a river in my float tank and the river fed into a highway. I needed to get off the highway because I was low on air (to breathe). So I parked at a zoo and got out of my tank. Two girls saw me and asked me about my tank. I described it and one of them started telling me all about her former jobs. She got fixated on one job she had with people on welfare. One client had an issue with her taking pictures of him and went ballistic.It was about this time, I decided to stop dreaming and get out of the tank. So I got out and John Lilly was there in a bright blue Hawaiian shirt. I asked him what he thought of Scientology, since I had always wanted to do that. He said: well, they think they know something and are now just trying to figure out how to prove it. I dont work that way.

So I reflected on that advice and I realized that I got out of my tank using shock struts – but that was the old design. So then I realized I had never gotten out of the tank and was still in.

So this time, I really wake up 🙂

One neat thing I did this time was heat both the bathroom and the float room to 80 deg F so that I was not shocked by cold air when leaving the float room. That was a nice touch.