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fibromyalgia success story!

From a float center in panama:

I've been diagnosed with PMR, Polymyalgia Rheumatica, an inflammatory
disorder of the muscles that is thought to be the result of an immune
Symptoms I've experienced are severe bodywide aching and stiffness of
my muscles, extreme fatigue to the point of being bedridden for
several days at a time, and when out of bed, a feeling of weakness.  I
just didn't ever feel well for the past two years.
In addition to the PMR, I have arthritis, as well as, injuries to my
neck and back from years of being an admitting psychologist in a state
mental hospital.
Prednisone is the drug of choice for this condition but the side
effects are almost worse than the pain.  No amount of Prednisone
helped my symptoms.
Had my wife not booked us both appointments at Driftaway Panama as a
birthday present to both of us, I would not have made the effort to
travel from Coronado to Panama City.
After my first 1 hour session in floatation, I felt 95% relief of pain
symptoms in my muscles and joints.  Three days after that, the pain
started to return, so I returned on the fourth day for another
floatation.  I have gone as long as 2 weeks between floatations
without the return of the original pain.
Another change after floatation was the feeling of well being,
probably from the natural endorphins that have been studied and found
to increase with REST.

Marvin Turl, age 70, Coronado, RP – February 14, 2009
IL Licensed Clinical Psychologist

the wake-sleep interplay

I got up to float this morning. Before I knew it, my mind was aware of a completely different place. I was nude and outside, but wanted to hide my body. I began to float high in the air, looking for something to cover myself with. I found a dirty towel — several of them in fact. I passed on them. I finally found a warm blue blanket.

I put it on.

As I did so, I was on the ground and it was pitch black. The walls were closing.

No way out.

I began to be sucked backwards by a power. Every once in awhile I felt a sphere between my feet (the sieve in the tank with me).

Interesting how the mind can see a total inner reality and yet weave outer reality with it as well.