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San pedro kicks

I took San Pedro 6 hours ago. It had no effect because I was dripping in acid… I finish my float, down a little blood purifier and chase it with OJ.

HOLY SAN PEDRO makes his Kingly Entry!

And he is ever-present even NOW!

the acid sin – pleasure need not have this price

I woke up having an argument with my spiritual mother. Remember we both go with love. She is Lawanna Rhine. I am LAWANO ooooo LANOOO. So her name will be abbreviated ‘A’ in the convo below. Mine will be ‘O’ –

A – if you cook food, you are losing nutrients

O – ah, but you assume I am limited to one place in space and time. My body may be, but I am not. Besides, macrobiotics is a cooked food diet with tremendous record of healing all manner of disease. The most important thing is to choose a diet which is not acid-producing. Cooked/raw is not the decider.

Why this argument?

Last night I had a good time. I ate all sorts of tasty vegan delicacies and washed it down with Black Cherry soda. This was a pleasurable sin. If I want to eat cooked macrobiotic meals, that is fine. But eating cooked food in general is a trap that will weaken the power of San Pedro. Or rather, it will continually doing corrective actions, balancing my alkalinity instead of raising my spiritual vibration.