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[thedeepself] John C. Lilly closes his physical life, 9/30/2011, 5:00 am

What a wonderful gift for our Planetside Trip. A completely self-propelled path to Emptiness. Devoid of any focus on Inner Light and Sound, hence my enjoyment of the tank only. But to have so much stripping away of self-defeating patterns available in one single device is simply amazing.

I'm happy that John C. Lilly sucked it up and continued at Caltech even when it got hard. I'm happy that he inquired about a way to reduce input to the brain so that a single thought could both occur and be measured, for it led to this wonderful device.

I'm amazed at his bravery in the use of psychedelics.


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Reminder from:   thedeepself Yahoo! Group
Title:   John C. Lilly closes his physical life
Date:   Friday September 30, 2011
Time:   5:00 am – 6:00 am
Repeats:   This event repeats every year.
Location:   Los Angeles, CA Cedar Sinai Medical Center
Notes:   John C. Lilly closes his physical life on 9/30/2001
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“A Journey through Space” – David Parry


Galaxies, nebula’s, stars and planets from the Hubble space telescope, artist’s impressions and various telescopes with spaced-out music

“mothlight” by gnomon

Gnomon image

New York, New York

Ambient soundscape in the sense of ambient put forward by Brian Eno. Music that can be listened to in the background without ever noticing it.

This music seeps through your pores and regenerates your inner flows.

Download and listen to gnomon now.

Floating, Duh

Well, I tend to use the hottest tap water I can find to fill the tank, because the hotter the water, the easier the salt dissolves. Of course most tap water has chlorine in it. So when it comes to chlorine, the float community is divided. Tim Strudwick is big on chlorine. Kane Mantyla and myself and many others are against it. But it's easier, so I just use tap water. I dont think H202 offsets it. Of course, you could look into whole house filtration. But this is more a general question, so it would benefit the community to (re)ask it at floatqa.com

Yeah I was aware of the same thing during my return to floating. Floating definitely peels off layer after layer of tension. It also makes it easy to tune into the "inner sound", which is my meditation/spirituality path. But that's another good general question for floatqa… I check there at least once a week.

There are certainly more direct systems for working with human body use – Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Balance Institute, Rolfing, etc. I guess it depends on what floats your boat 🙂

— Terrence

On Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 10:27 PM, Anthony wrote:

For supplements (although I'm sure you have good resources), I've found Organic India (www.organicindiausa.com) to carry high quality Ayurvedic herbs with great customer service. For pretty much everything else, Vitacost (www.vitacost.com) carries it. They have grown over the years that I've used them and have become a bit more commercial – I'm no longer sure how their prices stack up against the competition (but always free or $5 shipping is a plus). Regardless, it all adds up $$ wise pretty fast. My "problem" is perhaps taking too many supplements. I need to study more to see which ones play off of each other and which ones mask the other's effects.
Anyway, thanks for the links. These are all great resources. It's good to know there are like minded people out there trying to achieve similar goals with their life experience. I believe the next year will bring even more people around, as consciousness of our general population elevates.
I suppose I'm set to order everything. One question that I didn't see asked while browsing the Q&A – is regular tap water okay to fill the tank with? It seems the added chemicals would cause a problem unless filtered. Or does the H2O2 help to offset this?
From what I can tell, you're a pretty heavy computer user yourself. My neck and trapezius are always tense, whether I'm aware of it or not. I certainly was super aware of this during my first float. And when I thought I had relaxed, I discovered another layer of tension. Do you find floating to provide somewhat lasting relief – or at least, an awareness of how you're carrying yourself?
Thanks again for your time and have a good evening!

On Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 4:50 PM, Terrence Brannon <thequietcenter@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Anthony,

This is a link to my teacher's tuning forks class info: http://myemail.constantcontact.com/A-Message-from-Order-of-the-Blue-Star.html?soid=1104773211478&aid=K0k4i6HiR2c

I tried the pondmaster but it didnt seem to do much. A combined system that does all the pump and filter is attractive, but it didnt seem to be getting any debris.

Thanks for the compliment on laying it out precisely. I should've done a youtube video going over the design too. I cant remember how much salt I used. I bought 1000 pounds. And about 4-6 months later, I bought about 500 pounds just to keep stocked but that should last for well over a year since its mainly just me floating.

That sounds like a good price. They are pretty unwieldy but not heavy. I have moved them in and out of the float room by myself (not without a bit of drama, but I've always managed to do all my tank stuff by myself 🙂

Did I point you to the general site for float questions – http://www.floatqa.com/
And we have a group for metaphysical floatation tank discussion too – http://groups.yahoo.com/group/thedeepself/
And of course there's the big kahuna – http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/floattalk/

Hmm I wouldnt say that I maintain it throughout the day very much. But that's because I'm an inconsistent floater who does it only when I feel like it instead of everyday. Removing stress theoretically could be as easy as taking Holy Basil or Rhodiola, so they break down cortisol (the stress hormone). I'm actually getting more focused on supplements because of my tuning forks teacher.

— Terrence

On Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 3:14 PM, Anthony wrote:

Thanks for the quick and thorough reply (delayed response, I think not). Unless you're coming up to Palm Bay in September of next year, I still have a little planning to do before any action is underway! It's just a thought at the moment, but that's a start. And action, technically. The tuning forks are interesting. My mom has become very active in using them within the past year, and has several sets. One of the perks of going to visit!
That's an extensive pumping system. So do you no longer recommend the one listed in your store (the Pumpmaster), or did you even get a chance to use that one before switching to hydrogen peroxide? I fully agree that an inside tank is preferable to one left outside and exposed to the elements. I have just the spot for it inside, too, but was trying to compromise of course! I find it hard to believe that so few have contacted you about your design. Or easy, really, because you do lay everything out pretty concisely. Oh yeah, and was it about 750lbs of salt you put in initially?
I just got a shipping quote for the two containment tanks – $260 shipped or $210 for local pickup. Yikes! It is what it is though, and still cheaper than the alternative.
Thank you for extending your personal number and allowing my learning experience to be part of your blog. If it's easy enough to do so, can you remove my last name and email from the post? Merely to maintain privacy, for what that's worth.
Do you find that, with increased floating, the sense of stillness attained during the process is maintained throughout your waking day?