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pulled down below mossy sea

In this dream (while in the tank), my arms were tied by the mossy creatures of the sea. I struggled but was pulled to the bottom. I sucked and sucked for air but could only find water.

I’m surprised I did not kill myself in the tank tonight with that trip!

Collective Isolation – Moon 12 to Moon 13 – 2009-06-26 – 11pm EST

Kane Mantyla pioneered the concept of using the isolation pod as a tool for collective consciousness. Jose Arguelles developed a 13 moon calendar as a tool for reprogramming human (that which has mind) to harmonize with natural cycles.

In order to escape the chaos of this universe, the tank by itself is an excellent device. I am personally discovering the most sinister external device for creating outer chaos to be the Gregorian/Julian calendar, which is irregular, irrational, and un-natural.

The Dreamspell calendar is a 13-moon calendar, with many overlaps with many ancient 13-moon calendars – Mayan, Druid, Lakota Indian, etc.

It contains offers cyclic harmony at many levels of detail:

  • daily – each day has the same lunar relationship in every year
  • weekly – each week has 7 days to respect the 7 radial plasmas which pervade our galaxy (target, flow, pacify, establish, release, purify, discharge)
  • monthly – each AND EVERY month has exactly 4 weeks and 28 days – no exception EVER
  • yearly – each year contains exactly 13 moons and 1 day out of time (July 25-26).

It is the ideal means of external reprogramming. Instead of isolating yourself from material creation you harmonize with its rhythms.

Thus, we float from the end of 1 moon to the beginning of the next moon, moon after moon after moon.

The one exception occurs when we reach moon 13. We float from moon 13 directly into the Day out of Time.

In Kane’s original formulation of the collective float, there was inner and outer synchronization. We entered the pod at the same time and we used the same visualization.

I am more interested in anchoring us only in external time. What we do in our personal universes during this external anchor is completely up to us. This sets up some amazing fireworks. Why is this? From the standpoint of John C. Lilly and Jose Arguelles (inventor/channeler of the Dreamspell Calendar) we have the following understanding:

– there are no limits in the mind – the imaginal realm is the highest of the high, infinite Creator of universes upon universe. In fact, we could name person after person who asserts this: Andreas Buttler, Mark Twain, etc. That does not mean it is the absolute truth. But it certainly is a provable working hypothesis!

So what does this mean for us as collective floaters? Well, it turns the collective isolation from a line segment into a kaleidoscopic pinwheel… how so? When Gods in Isolation have the same internal universe and external universe you can put 1 point in the imaginal realm for their creative activity there. And another 1 point in the external universe for their activity there. However, when the Gods in Isolation have no limits in the imaginal realm, the external fix point of time is still 1 point. But an infinity of creations is occuring simultaneously in the imaginal realm.

So we maintain a rhythmic connection to this solar system by tracking our activity to the harmony of 13 moons. And we maintain our right to “DO WHAT THOU WILT SHALL BE THE WHOLE OF THE LAW” as Gods in Isolation.

The chat room is now at a new location around 11pm or 11:30 EST –


“””May love continue to expand your Creation, “”” – KM

If you need to convert to 11pm Eastern Standard time, I like Time Zone Converter.

tension analysis

buttocks, inner thighs, lower back, top thigh just above knee

3 short heaves…

So I’ve started working with Ramanathan Iyer and I received my first remote healing yesterday.

The next morning I got up and did the blood meditation and it was quite astounding.

I made a pact to float daily and this morning I climbed into my tank…

3 heaves

I was laying in the tank, noticing the tension in my body. And as usual being completely amazed at how floating dissolves it. Then all of a sudden there was this rush of energy up towards my crown. 3 times this occurred and each my body arched its back to ‘hold back the rush’ … so then eventually it happens anyway. And I’m out in this area and I am closing in on this black totem like figure. Then I am handed a wooden gun that shoots pellets. I see lots of women in business clothes walking through an area. I know they are not my shooting target, but I dont want them to see me either, so I tip toe and hide behind columns.

This whole area is one I have visitedbefore. I know this somehow.

So I get to an office near the back… it’s a white-tile clinical-looking place. I move about looking for my prey. But most of the doors are sealed. I hear voices talking and keep moving.


Somewhere in the middle of all this, the following entire mental projection occurs.

I’m ready to get out of the tank, but I sit up too quickly and my heart is failing. So I lay back down. I even boost my legs up to ease the work on my heart. Then I manage to raise myself up gently and get ready to get out.

Then I realize I was projecting the whole thing!

Flying time!

So my hands can be used to turn my body as I fly fly fly. I use one hand in front, then the other. Then I’m flying up on a van full of kids. They are playing a certain rock song that is sure to be a hit. They get held up by a car – which is a good reason for the action to be held up, because then I can listen to the song even longer. Then they take off.

I make my way down a street and say: “Let’s look back at the street and time how long it takes… OK it’s houcher street” and then I move at high high speed down this street!

Club 365 Resolution

I am being mired in a horde of spiritual practices at the moment –

  • beta-blocker
  • saint germain
  • dreamspell
  • tai chi

And it is leading to confusion about what to do when!

Floatation is the only one of things which allows for progressive and certain relaxation.

Each time I float, I automatically get rid of tension with no conscious effort on my part. Relaxation and peace are powers, though I may not realize it at the moment.

I have to float every day. Dont worry about when, but just do it. It’s for your own good.