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If I fell into a black hole…

This is how it would look

women have all the fun

So tricia is over last night and I’m playing my sexual chakra crystal bowl. And she keeps dipping her hands in the middle over and over and over.

Now, when this is over, she tells me, sticking her hands in there was like having orgasms!

If only I were so lucky!

being taught some lessons

So I’m in the tank and I get the notion to visit China. Before I know it, I’m being lifted up, up… then I say: ‘nah, I dont want to float. I will just get out of the tank.’ So I’m getting out ofthe tank, but no dice, I’m going higher and higher, up and out… and I try to look down and see china but realize I need to go out further.

So I’m heading out out and resolve to go ahead and have the Loud Sound pull me back fast and far so I can see all of earth for the benefit of Earthlings.

But some hands grab my shoulder blades and lead me towards a scene.

And there is a time issue. I’m at a course and leave for home. Then I look at my watch. It’s 4:30… only 30 more minutes who would go backto work for that?

So an individual takes me to a house where a woman and child he knows are there. Now, these people are speaking in a rather screechy, guttural dialect – Scandinavian or German and I realize I want to get back to my car. I look ath the balls I have – a soccer and basket one. I decide I can get back without asking this gentleman to take me back.

Super-sized Supernova: Scientists Observe Largest Exploding Star Yet Seen

http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/03/090323092717.htm ScienceDaily (2009-03-25) — In the first observation if its kind, scientists have watched what happens when a star the size of 50 suns explodes. As they continued to track the spectacular event, they found that most of the star’s mass collapsed in on itself, resulting in a large black hole.

all separation sees sex as the resolution

nuff said

the acid sin – pleasure need not have this price

I woke up having an argument with my spiritual mother. Remember we both go with love. She is Lawanna Rhine. I am LAWANO ooooo LANOOO. So her name will be abbreviated ‘A’ in the convo below. Mine will be ‘O’ –

A – if you cook food, you are losing nutrients

O – ah, but you assume I am limited to one place in space and time. My body may be, but I am not. Besides, macrobiotics is a cooked food diet with tremendous record of healing all manner of disease. The most important thing is to choose a diet which is not acid-producing. Cooked/raw is not the decider.

Why this argument?

Last night I had a good time. I ate all sorts of tasty vegan delicacies and washed it down with Black Cherry soda. This was a pleasurable sin. If I want to eat cooked macrobiotic meals, that is fine. But eating cooked food in general is a trap that will weaken the power of San Pedro. Or rather, it will continually doing corrective actions, balancing my alkalinity instead of raising my spiritual vibration.

first service as portal to infinity

physical knots

the session started with me noticing some physical knots. this was a mid-day session. i thought of playing go. or eating more (even though i was already bloated and tired from earlier eating). so I know the best thing for this physical body is to plop down in the tank, so in I go!!!

truck incident

i dont know if this happened before or after ‘up in room’ — I was riding a scooter(?) along a highway. I see a large large truck to my right. Then I realize that I am being forced to drive between 2 18-wheelers with another one on my tail. I realize the one behind me is about to hit me. I cry out “BRUCE HELP ME” and realize I should have said “BRUNO HELP ME” – i am in the median of the highway

up in room

at some point, i get the notion to float up out of the tank. So I’m up above my tank in the room. And there is more pipes and machinery in this astral experience than in my physical room. I survey this for a bit

going out

i understand the need to leave planet earth, to go far enough out that I can see it in its entirety. i look up into my 3rd eye to navigate. Pretty soon, some stars appear. And then more. And I begin my rapid movement away from earth (still have not seen it). some hesitancy, yet I continue. And a sound getting louder and louder as I pick up speed. I think ‘my, i will have a heart attack — no body and here I am about to see the earth and I’m not in a spaceship or anything!’

so, fear leads to me using focus on my earth Identity to make my return.


i start making my way back. back into a single body and a single place. I think of my address, etc.¬† i get back into the tank, but i’m flipping all over — up down, around here there.

a helping hand

And then a hand .. an arm, is in the tank. I grasp it. It responds. I look to the narrow back wall of the tank. There is someone who looks like Herman Munster but with red hair. I try to get him to jack me off, but he does not. For some reason he tries to enter the tank full-body and I shove him back. As I shove him back a 3 foot hole in the tank is revealed. And a seal is there. I stroke it’s head a few times.


so I am back in the tank and I feel myself¬† ‘getting myself together’.

trans-spinal elongation!

At first my thoracic area was a hard lump. Then it disappeared. Now I can feel the sinews in the shoulder blade area on either side of the spine pulling away from each other.


thoracic complex dissolves

Four about 4 days, I had discomfort in my neck and a brick like tension in my upper shoulder blades (mainly the left).

I’m glad to say that I have dissolved that.

Now it is revealing yet another level of ‘body armor’ — this time the shoulders feel like I am wearing shoulder pads.

It’s interesting how my return to the tank has been primarily physical.

One interesting experience when I slept overnight in the tank (I could hear my heartbeat pounding as if I were actually down in the heart chambers!).

physical unwindings reveal as psychophysical unwindings

Physical unwindings are quite pleasurable because the distance between the observer-operator and the unwinding is easy to notice.

However, as the underlying psychophysical source (repressed emotion) begins to surface, these tensions are more painful to resolve, because the observer-operator does not want to make the distinction between what it SEES and what IT IS.

As a result, these chaotic emanations and their associated tension seem to be locked in place. The release of these makes the observer-operator more alone. More empty.

To be continued?