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Mike Schmitt, R.I.P.

R.I.P. Michael Schmitt

Mike Schmitt was a student of Franklin Merrell-Wolff (FMW). FMW wrote the book “Pathways through to Space”, which was co-authored with John C. Lilly.



Just getting out of the tank? Enjoy “Horizon” by Ralph Zurmühle


Deaf Center – “White Lake”

Just finished a tank session? Ready to return from the void and enjoy the phenomenal universe? Well, put on “White Lake” by Deaf Center and allow the physical universe to unfold from The Quiet Center.

The group Deaf Center released the song White Lake on their album Pale Ravine. The music all-by-itself whispers to your heartstrings but even Otto from the group Deaf Center thanked the developer of this video, which takes this melancholy track to a whole new level: