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cancer patients should float!

In the early 90s the London Float Centre was featured on TVAM one of

the main UK breakfast TV shows. They did a great piece on floatation,

interviewing me and showing the presenter enjoying the experience of

floating. After this 2 minute clip they interviewed myself plus one of

our clients in the TV studio. The client was being treated for cancer

and told of her story and how much floating had helped her. How it

allowed her to go to that beautiful place deep inside her where

everything was all right. How it gave her strength and had helped her

through it all. She also said that since she had recovered that she

continued to float regularly. It was an emotional but centred and

heartfelt expression which really touched a lot of viewers.




Harry Palmer developed Avatar via floatation

In this document, we read how Harry Palmer used float intensives to develop Avatar.

Floating helps you go from waking directly into lucid dreaming

Just ask Craig.

you are not as wet after a salt bath

I’ve noticed that my skin is silky smooth and not so wet after floating… salt must help the water actually get into my body as opposed to beading up on the skin.

Peeling the initial layers of the onion…

I was stressed. Beyond stressed. I was going out of my mind. I grabbed all my clothes and shoved them in a suitcase and drove from Columbus to Chi-town in one day. Thank goodness Spacetime Tanks has been open for 26 years and booked me the same day.

On the first day, when I got into the water, I was struck by how different *I* was from the water. The water was calm, pure and gentle. I was hard like a rock. But then I began to merge, melt, slowly but surely.

The next day when I got in the water, I realized my arms were hunched up chronically to my neck… almost as if I was ever-ready to ward off a violent blow from behind. But over the hour session, this too began to drop away. 

The third day was my 4-hour session. My arms began to unroll and I started to trust the tank. Over a 4-hour period I actually began to allow my neck to release.

I did a final 4-hour session on Tuesday of last week. Here my perception began to trust extending out beyond my body… gradually, slowly a few times it happened.