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[thedeepself] Where do you float ?

I started floating in Los Angeles, CA. I had been studying with EJ Gold and he has Glen and Lee Perry as his students. They suggested floating and a relative of the Perry’s lives in Los Angeles. I tried it and it was quite awesome, save for the bitchy wife who was throwing a fit because they had to be somewhere. I cherished my trauma she created: I’d just come out of the tender womb state and here she was bitching and moaning with no sensitivity to others. But that’s all just a drama I wanted to have, as I see it now.

I floated at one other place in the LA area, some guy’s house. He said that him and a spiritual friend could discuss Theories of Everything with just different language. He could use scientific terms and his friend could use spiritual ones and they could agree. I mentioned that the founder of the International Society of Divine Love, an alternative Krishna Consciousness Organization, said that the spiritual was entirely different. And he disagreed with me. And this is an interesting sticking point. My Inner Light and Sound teacher, Christopher Tims, says that it’s all energy and he just bought Tesla’s Enhancer, a device that pumps hundreds of thousands of volts of electricity THROUGH you and as long as you hold the light bulb, you dont fry. It’s reversing age signs, restoring sensation in seniors with neuropathy, etc.

So then about 10 years passed. I was in Columbus, OH practicing Falun Dafa. They believe the more pain you bear, the better off you are. One Saturday, in the year 2008 or 2009, I said: these people are making me psychotic and I drove 6 hours to Chicago in one day and floated in spacetime tanks center there. They are the longest running center in the US – 30 years or so now. It was pretty neat. I saw how my shoulders were chronically frozen even though the water was inviting me to simply let go. I decided to stay in a hotel and float for about 2 weeks and had a blast – except for the receptionist who always said: “How was the float” when I came out. That’s the last thing I needed – someone asking me to verbalize about the realms beyond speech and language.

So I came back to Columbus, and found a used tank over in Chicago, Frank Rodriguez, who happens to run floattalk@yahoogroups.com, the biggest floatation community on the internet.. hmm, that reminds me… how is www.floatqa.com doing these days? Well anyway, i’ll check later. So I bought his float-to-relax tank and eventually fell into THE QUIET CENTER -
that central low-pressure zone that is infinitely amused by all phenomenal appearances prior to evaluating them as good bad, pretty ugly, etc, etc. I immediately formed a holistic health company and did not plan anything. I bought an orange juice machine, setup websites, etc etc. But I still get calls from Columbus, OH to this day about floating.

So I left Columbus because I felt that computer programmers were not respected and wellpaid there. I resolved to goto NYC where I could make top dollar, but a recruiter brainwashed me into going to Florida. I hung out there for 1.5 years and after  months of living on savings, I withdrewthe rest of my savings, bought a mobile home and bought the equipment ot build a tank and did so. and I floated and paid rent and didnt have a job— not the most sane way to handle things, but it worked out.

I serviced a customer in South Florida and had many more calls and still do. But I was fired from my South Florida job and never was serious about offering floating as a business so now I’m in NewYork City learning how to abide in the seer of all that is seen without a tank, but with the method of Self Inquiry of Ramana Maharshi — and if you can do that in New York with a tank, so you can do it anywhere. But a tank is great training wheels and as long as you get there, why expose yourself to the harshness ofNYC?

— Terrence

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I Float at Gravity Spa In Beavercreek Ohio. They opened their doors in January, and I have never been happier in my life. I had floated once at another place, but it was a 3 hour drive. They have since sold their tank. I do hope to either purchase my own tank or buld one. I just dont have the space at my current home. But for anyone in the Dayton area who would like to try floating for the first time, the Gravity Spa is a nice place to start. Seems like everyone everyone I try to introduce to the concept thinks I am crazy.

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