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surreal experience

My work in [Christopher Tims]{http://www.ChristopherTims.com) mystery
school is starting to pay off. I entered the tank and began to
relax. Funny how the tank is the only thing on earth you enter and
learn to relax more and more. I suppose other things have this to some
extent – massage for instance.

# Who's there

But anyway, at some point, I had some extended flying going on. Then I
came to "waking state" and was ready to leave the tank. I heard some
sort of doorbell start singing a song (and I dont own one like
that). My partner went to the door to see who it was. I said "let's
really see who it is" and I exploded through the top of the tank and
shot up 50 feet in the air to observe the higher self of the
visitor. The explosion was accompanied by a high-pitched sound kind of
like people being beamed up in Star Trek.

# Operate bus idependently to find part

Eventually, I found myself on a bus and realized I needed some
hardware parts. I opened a panel and found some independant foot
pedals and started controlling a vehicle for myself. I saw "Hurd Ave"
but knew that was a red herring. I realized I really needed to know
exactly what parts I wanted before calling the store for directions
and tried to get settled. At that point "Hurd St." showed up and I
realized I had found my destination.

# front and back

So I'm at this office/rooming house and one of the live-in girls says
"would you please copy this on the Canon front-and-back because I'm
not getting any exercise and these are positions you can dance to and
do while you are doing normal things. So you can stay in shape." Well,
I take the paper, but have to go home to find my speech? The
proprietor has a funny look on her face. She thought I said "speed"
and that I was a drug addict. I feared she would search the whole
place and find my legal psychedelics. And then the cops would escalate
the legal psychedelics into something illegal even though it
wasnt. But I would have my camera on them the whole time they were
cooking something up.

# the parrot

Before I can get back downstairs, the lady comes up and tells me about
a parrot who can bark out the exercise instructions. I look out the
window and see a colorful parrot with a blonde top. Well I say he
looks nice. Then I see a blonde-hair man with white skin shimmying up
a pole like a gorilla. He looks like half an ape with the thicker arms
and body. And I see a human head. The human is having casual
off-the-cuff conversation with the apeman in the tree. I come over to
look and realize the man is 3-stories tall. He walks away. The upper
body from head to hips is normal size. But the legs are super
long. Like the ones you see in a circus. He walks over to a group of
people getting ready for dance practice.

Shaquille O'Neal is there and they start dancing. The tall-tall man
simply walks about, not joining them.