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[thedeepself] Silva Mind Body Healing

It’s a very powerful audio. I dont know if you know Jose Silva’s background, but it’s a fun read, how he was in a barbershop and wanted to learn Electronics so the barber said he’d pay for the course if he would put his name on the certificate.Then he read about the alpha rhythm and designed a little device to make the pecking sound at the right frequency and his children started demonstrating psychic powers while he was going over their homework with them. 

And the data on healing cancer by mind alone is simply staggering:

Read all about Dr. O’ Carl Simonton, a world-renowned
oncologist and author who uses imagery therapy
to teach patients to heal themselves, even from cancer.

Dr. Simonton has said, “About the Silva system,
I would say it is the most powerful single tool that
I have to offer patients.”

This is a must read for anyone who has a family
member who is at risk or suffering from a “terminal”
disease like cancer.

==> http://www.silvamindbodyhealing.com/blog/meet-dr-simonton-the-doctor-that-proves-it-all/

I think it’s well worth being on their mailing list – they have some interesting data.

On 3/25/2011 9:46 AM, John Cotter wrote:

Cool beans!  I will give it a try in the tank this morning.



On Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 2:14 PM, Terrence Brannon <TheQuietCenter@gmail.com> wrote: 

For those who dont want to give out their email in order to download the
Silva Mind Centering exercise,
I am uploading the mp3 here:http://static.livingcosmos.org/tmp/SILVA_HEALING_MIND/

Should be downloadable by the time you read this 🙂



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an experiment in contra-survival floatation

I’m experimenting with room and tank temperatures to find the optimal mix. Room temperature was 90 deg F and tank temperature may have been 95.3… my thermometer needs calibration but it did feel rather warm, instead of that usual tepid slightly chilled temp I’m used to.So I get into my tank (which only has 16 inches of clearance to the top) and it’s a pressure cooker. It’s hot and uncomfortable. I make notes to drop the room temperature to 80 deg F next time.

But now for some fun. Is there some way to enjoy myself while my body is sending distress signals about being in sub-optimal conditions? I tried a number of techniques:


  1. radiate loving-kindness to the sensations of heat – hmm, I still felt agony
  2. expect the unexpected – I cant send my attention elsewhere, I’m suffering!
  3. observe the sensations with bare attention/equanimity – hmm, man, look. it’s hot in here. and that’s a fact
  4. radiating loving-kindness to the feeling I AM – Eureka! This is truly an amazing technique. Sri Siddharameshar gifted Nisargadatta Maharaj with an excellent tool. It really goes to the root of all problems – the idea that I am a separate entity.

Nothing like trial by fire to see which meditation technique owns!

a book to help caregivers access the spiritual being

IDHHB is working on a book to help caregivers access the spiritual being of those they are careing for, so floating relates…

To provide your floating experiences, please be in the Gorebagg TV chat channel at Justin TV at 9pm EST next Wednesday.

Tactical Tanking Treatise 1 – bare attention

Bare attention is the great solvent of the lie: “I am this body”

Regardless of which tradition it comes from, let’s see how we can apply it to our tank “work”

1 – climb in your tank
2 – lay down
3 – various mental holdings will create physical holding which register in your body as density, tension, pressure and god-forbid pain

You are a spirit and everything you have thought and integrated into your body was done with your explicit consent. Because you added these things onto yourself, only you can ultimately remove them.

The process is simple: pay unyielding objective attention to the cluster/stuck point as it is… because it really wants to keep moving like everything in the Matter, Energy, Space, Time universe. Only YOU are holding it there at mental level.

I got in my tank at 5:45 am this morning and did this process. All I can say is:

1 – ZOWIE!
2 – why is this list so non-metaphysical?

I came out at 9am a new man.

The most religion-free presentation of this technique is here – http://web.archive.org/web/20071102071220/http://www.soloprocessing.eu/

He took down his website and joined the Spiritologie movement.


Please understand each sensation you have in the float tank is a message to you from other universes. Your float tank is designed and uniquely positioned for the purpose of freeing beings.