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a band of saran wrap unstretched

Totally wild. When I finally quit counting breaths in the tank and decided to let the tank goto work on me, at one point it felt like my entire back was a sheet of Saran Wrap and the tank was gently pulling it apart!

left scapula, anus, lower back and thighs

This was a powerful float. Overall, I now know that sleeping in a tank is 10 times more powerful than waking state floating. Why is this? Well, in the sleep state, you automatically shutout the outside world. Also, YOU are out of the way of the body when sleep comes on. Anyway, on to this most pivotal float: neck scapula communication Mother water did her best to improve the communication between my neck and my left scapula and arm. She patiently and gently stretched and strengthened this area, working me towards reconnection and improved use of this area. anus I thought we were talking 1/2 year to 1 year before anything loosed up in the anus area. But really, the same thing is happening there as happened in my upper back. My upper back started out as hard as a rock. And now things are getting fluid there. And then the anus was the same way but it began to flow easily… but not before releasing a ton of psychologically impacted matter primarily of a sexual nature – I am talking floods of release, both physical and mental happened this time. And all without me doing anything. I also know that the regular release I receive in the lower back can be prevented if I simply start loading into my thighs instead of locking out my lower back as shown here: A very impressive session… from a very impressive tool!