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from 3 sides

I got into the tank this morning. After a few minutes in the tank, I began to think: “its too cold in this tank. I’m not going to be able to relax. Well, I will just stay awhile and hope it warms up”.

My left arm was palm up, the right palm down, as Baron Eugene Fersen instructs in his 27 Lessons in the Science of Being.


The relaxation in this posture is unusual. It is more of a ‘toning’ of the body than a release. The purpose of that posture is to channel universal energy into the body. It is a Huna practice (huna being a western revival of the Hawaiian Kahuna technique).



The second phase of Fersen’s exercise involves entering into silence. Just prior to entering into silence, I had a jazzy upbeat song I invented just singing through my head. I realized that when you listen to good music, you are not thinking. Cessation of thought is the definition of Yoga. Nonetheless, I eventually allowed my physical relaxation to translate into mental relaxation. 

Instead of trying to ‘enter into silence’ – I instead allowed my thinker to relax. Immediately I realized that I thought my thinker was in my head somehwere. I realized that the brain is a receiver of thought… an antenna which can tune into Universal Mind by use of frequencies. So instead of trying to stop thought within my head (which really just shuts out Universal Mind), I went out out out to Universal Mind and sourced it’s infinite spacious silence….



I was travelling along somewhere with some people. I was talking with them. At some point we get to what we are looking for…


I leave them to fly 10 feet above a road… I am along a high wall just easily flying. I do this for about 1/4 of a mile, then start to hover. I turn around and look back… I see smoke and clouds in my third eye. I hear a whirling whooshing sound (the rotating cave? More than likely the heater in the room turned on… for I was aware of being in the tank while having this voyage).



I decide I can help the most by going deep into space and agree to this. The low hum starts to pull backwards along the road, first at a crawl then a bit faster. I start to rise. Around this time, I can hear some Voice trying to communicate with me. It move my head around to serve as an antenna to turn this constant urgent tone into something I can understand in English. I hear what it has to say…


I’m still moving at a moderate gallop, maybe 15-30mph. I rotate to the left. There is moonlight shining through a thicket of trees. The voicecontinues. I translate. AUM SAN PEDRO AUM… this is the first float I have had with my Saint Peter cacti outside the tank!



It’s about thistime that the dream ends. BE CAREFUL WHO YOU ASSOCIATE WITH!

being taught some lessons

So I’m in the tank and I get the notion to visit China. Before I know it, I’m being lifted up, up… then I say: ‘nah, I dont want to float. I will just get out of the tank.’ So I’m getting out ofthe tank, but no dice, I’m going higher and higher, up and out… and I try to look down and see china but realize I need to go out further.

So I’m heading out out and resolve to go ahead and have the Loud Sound pull me back fast and far so I can see all of earth for the benefit of Earthlings.

But some hands grab my shoulder blades and lead me towards a scene.

And there is a time issue. I’m at a course and leave for home. Then I look at my watch. It’s 4:30… only 30 more minutes who would go backto work for that?

So an individual takes me to a house where a woman and child he knows are there. Now, these people are speaking in a rather screechy, guttural dialect – Scandinavian or German and I realize I want to get back to my car. I look ath the balls I have – a soccer and basket one. I decide I can get back without asking this gentleman to take me back.