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Acid diet, acid thoughts

I am having a lot of burning in my mind and body OUTSIDE OF THE TANK. It seems that the tank is not doing it’s job, but it’s not so!

The next post on deep/superficial and the one ofter that on tortoise/hare will cover that fallacy.

I have followed many many diets and currently have respect/interest in these:

  • liquidarian – consume any liquid. your body is a natural juice extractor. eating is an indirect way of juicing… why chew 50 times when you can get a juicer to do it for you? eating is out-moded, 20th century stuff!
  • zone diet – balances carb and protein at every meal in order to balance the hormones that eating each triggers… it was a very precise diet plan and it did work. it was very meat oriented. either that or soy. and in all cases, cooked oriented. invented by a Ph.D in biochemistry from MIT, Barry Sears.
  • warrior diet – the roman warriors knew that to stay alert, they should not eat during the daylight hours. now, if you must eat during daylight, make it raw and make it small! at night, you eat your carnivorous dead kill!
  • raw food – interesting, but a bit too scientific. and we know the limits of science dont we? perspective, spectrum, partial information, created versus creator
  • macrobiotics – the crowning achievement of cooked food veganism. story after story of healing. and very oriented towards pH
  • the pH miracle diet – pH is what I think is most important… the author of the book the pH miracle makes one mistake: he thinks fruit is acid-forming but Frederic Patenaude sets the matter straight.

So anyway, lately, ever since my rebirth session, I have been bringing myself down, down, down. I went there a teetotaler – 3-4 months of liquid dieting. Then in 24 hours I was eating all sorts of tasty cooked delicacies and pissing off the gracing of spiritual power I received. Now Lawanna was very adamant about raw while I was there. But I think pH is the more deciding factor.

So, yes, I am embroiled with acid thoughts. Bitter thoughts. Salty thoughts. But when your diet is not sweet and light, what do you expect?!

the acid sin – pleasure need not have this price

I woke up having an argument with my spiritual mother. Remember we both go with love. She is Lawanna Rhine. I am LAWANO ooooo LANOOO. So her name will be abbreviated ‘A’ in the convo below. Mine will be ‘O’ –

A – if you cook food, you are losing nutrients

O – ah, but you assume I am limited to one place in space and time. My body may be, but I am not. Besides, macrobiotics is a cooked food diet with tremendous record of healing all manner of disease. The most important thing is to choose a diet which is not acid-producing. Cooked/raw is not the decider.

Why this argument?

Last night I had a good time. I ate all sorts of tasty vegan delicacies and washed it down with Black Cherry soda. This was a pleasurable sin. If I want to eat cooked macrobiotic meals, that is fine. But eating cooked food in general is a trap that will weaken the power of San Pedro. Or rather, it will continually doing corrective actions, balancing my alkalinity instead of raising my spiritual vibration.

floating, the nutritious delicious meal replacement

For some reason, floating seems to lower my need for eating. Of course, due to education and fear, I still shove something down my throat, preferably raw as cooked food is starting to appear more and more senseless every day.