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Isolation: the gentle, non-painful near death experience

I’ve recently come across two people who had significant near death experiences – Dannion Brinkley, author of “Saved by Light” and Mickey Robinson, who also wrote a book. On a day to day basis, I lose the larger picture of life after life (to quote Raymond Moody). I get wrapped up in things that are little and trivial from the big picture. Both Dannion and Mickey received rather severe wakeup calls from The Other Side.

Lord, if it can be arranged, let me learn about The Other Side without all the trauma

I have no desire to be electrocuted by lightning, slammed on my face during a plane crash, or anything remotely that traumatic. Not even a broken leg like my friend Carol got which led to altered states of consciousness.

I’ll take the tank, the whole tank and nothing but the tank.

The tank gives me a near death experience of sorts… I suppose… well it will have to do for me.