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women have all the fun

So tricia is over last night and I’m playing my sexual chakra crystal bowl. And she keeps dipping her hands in the middle over and over and over.

Now, when this is over, she tells me, sticking her hands in there was like having orgasms!

If only I were so lucky!

all separation sees sex as the resolution

nuff said

first service as portal to infinity

physical knots

the session started with me noticing some physical knots. this was a mid-day session. i thought of playing go. or eating more (even though i was already bloated and tired from earlier eating). so I know the best thing for this physical body is to plop down in the tank, so in I go!!!

truck incident

i dont know if this happened before or after ‘up in room’ — I was riding a scooter(?) along a highway. I see a large large truck to my right. Then I realize that I am being forced to drive between 2 18-wheelers with another one on my tail. I realize the one behind me is about to hit me. I cry out “BRUCE HELP ME” and realize I should have said “BRUNO HELP ME” – i am in the median of the highway

up in room

at some point, i get the notion to float up out of the tank. So I’m up above my tank in the room. And there is more pipes and machinery in this astral experience than in my physical room. I survey this for a bit

going out

i understand the need to leave planet earth, to go far enough out that I can see it in its entirety. i look up into my 3rd eye to navigate. Pretty soon, some stars appear. And then more. And I begin my rapid movement away from earth (still have not seen it). some hesitancy, yet I continue. And a sound getting louder and louder as I pick up speed. I think ‘my, i will have a heart attack — no body and here I am about to see the earth and I’m not in a spaceship or anything!’

so, fear leads to me using focus on my earth Identity to make my return.


i start making my way back. back into a single body and a single place. I think of my address, etc.¬† i get back into the tank, but i’m flipping all over — up down, around here there.

a helping hand

And then a hand .. an arm, is in the tank. I grasp it. It responds. I look to the narrow back wall of the tank. There is someone who looks like Herman Munster but with red hair. I try to get him to jack me off, but he does not. For some reason he tries to enter the tank full-body and I shove him back. As I shove him back a 3 foot hole in the tank is revealed. And a seal is there. I stroke it’s head a few times.


so I am back in the tank and I feel myself¬† ‘getting myself together’.