About Me

Hello, Terrence Brannon, born May 11, 1969 welcomes you.


For many years I have developed a website based on the spiritual aspects of isolation tanks. Over the time, I began to want to expand beyond isolation tanks into the value and joy of isolation iself. 


I think many people are seeking a safe place to explore the many aspects of isolation.


To open you to some of the things I love about isolation. I do love human contact. But I’m also impressed with the supernatural power of isolation.

Unwind from stress

I was tied up into a knot when I found floatation. In just a single 1-hour session, I was a new man. I kept pushing it, doing 1 more hour the next day and then 2 4-hour sessions. I came out of Spacetime Tanks in Chicago, IL purring like a kitten. It was well worth the 5-hour drive from Columbus, OH.

Expand consciousness

Floating is not just a tool for improving your everyday life. It is a chance to expand your consciousness beyond your consensus body and mind. It is your chance to tune into the Cetacean Nation. To live as dolphins live. To spend more time as an aquatic earthling.

Strengthen health

hydration, epsom salts, no need to stand up, no stress on the body, we could go on for days with testimonies on the magickal power of the flotation tank… but why bother when you can just jump in and see for yourself.