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“Kismet” by Nadja Lind

best listened to with headphones, I was taken into this track deeper than I expected. iAwake Technologies has a huge range or audio tracks and programs designed to catapult you into the deeper recesses of your mind-space. I’ve never used ear pods in an isolation tank, but if I did, this is one track that I would definitely cue up.

What’s funny is that I was scrolling through my old posts and noticed that I posted on this very same track about a year ago!

“Kismet” by Nadja Lind

This track works its way into your brain and being slowly smoothly and deeply without limits. Even without headphones, this was baking my skull.

Anthony Sommer – ” Open Third Eye – Pineal Gland Activation – Third Eye Stimulation”

This piece really works. Put on an eye cover, place your attention at the 3rd eye. I like the use the methods of The Solar Logos Foundation, a group now known as Sunburst: inward from the temples and behind the eyes is your focal point for the christ light to pierce the crown and meet there.

I am also eager to try his lucid dreaming piece.

the shaman’s drum and silva ultra mind

Interesting hypothesis – binaural more effective than isochronic.I imagine shamanic drumming to produce theta waves would be isochronic. And I know the Silva Method beat is a simple beat at the alpha rhythm with nothing binaural.

But then we have some good binaural programs as well – The Monroe Institute comes to mind.

The advantage of isochronic is you can just blast a radio outside the tank and still get entrained. I know. The Silva Method beat is freely available and the 2nd strongest meditation technique I’ve done in the tank.

The number one technique I did today but will not mention anything about for at 6 more days as I work with it more and more.

On 3/9/2011 3:10 PM, Kane wrote:

Hi Bobby,

Here are two brands of underwater earphones and cases that I have used.



Here is an opensource binaural beats generator program to create specific frequencies (I have not used it)


This is the most exhaustive list of frequencies and their effects on the body that I have come across.


Although I haven’t experimented with them, isochronic tones are said to produce the same effect as a binaural beat, but without the need for isolating the ears, it simply uses a beat that plays out in the body as a frequency. In my undereducated opinion, it seems that binaural beats would be more effective because it is creating the effect with a more enhanced structure, but this is only my guess.


Thanks for your very interesting reply, Kane. I spoke with the dentist who is the facial nerve specialist here in Phoenix. He was the one who was finally able to diagnose what was happening. He said the stimulus activation (I don’t want to label it “pain”, because that is an association I do NOT want to make)  was NOT connected to head and neck position or relaxation. So, I am very interested in what you can come up with on rhythms/pulses for brain distraction or calming or whatever we should call it.

Of course, then I will have to find a way to hear it. The float center I used has a factory installed digital system and I do not think I can bring in my own CD. I  want to build my own outdoor open float pool (Phoenix, AZ), now that I know floating is not effecting my nerves on a body-positioning level. So, how do you think I could listen? Are there underwater I-Phones now? (yeah, I can Google that question, but I’d like to know others experiences).












[thedeepself] Silva Mind Body Healing

It’s a very powerful audio. I dont know if you know Jose Silva’s background, but it’s a fun read, how he was in a barbershop and wanted to learn Electronics so the barber said he’d pay for the course if he would put his name on the certificate.Then he read about the alpha rhythm and designed a little device to make the pecking sound at the right frequency and his children started demonstrating psychic powers while he was going over their homework with them. 

And the data on healing cancer by mind alone is simply staggering:

Read all about Dr. O’ Carl Simonton, a world-renowned
oncologist and author who uses imagery therapy
to teach patients to heal themselves, even from cancer.

Dr. Simonton has said, “About the Silva system,
I would say it is the most powerful single tool that
I have to offer patients.”

This is a must read for anyone who has a family
member who is at risk or suffering from a “terminal”
disease like cancer.

==> http://www.silvamindbodyhealing.com/blog/meet-dr-simonton-the-doctor-that-proves-it-all/

I think it’s well worth being on their mailing list – they have some interesting data.

On 3/25/2011 9:46 AM, John Cotter wrote:

Cool beans!  I will give it a try in the tank this morning.



On Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 2:14 PM, Terrence Brannon <TheQuietCenter@gmail.com> wrote: 

For those who dont want to give out their email in order to download the
Silva Mind Centering exercise,
I am uploading the mp3 here:http://static.livingcosmos.org/tmp/SILVA_HEALING_MIND/

Should be downloadable by the time you read this 🙂



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Silva Mind Body Healing

Fascinating data on how the mind can play a bigger factor than any physical/chemical substance we use to help ourselves. Free mp3 which will induce the alpha mode in you:http://www.silvamindbodyhealing.com/

Great to play in a floatation tank.