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13 Moons and Collective Isolation – May 29, 2009

The Gregorian calendar is disruptive and not aligned with any natural cycles.

The 13 Moon Calendar respects the natural lunar rhythms in the woman.

As water spirit people, we certainly would want a lunar rhythm as opposed to the solar rhythms that came later.

Jose Arguelles invented his 13:20 calendar based on his knowledge of Mayan timekeeping.

It contains 13 months, just as the moon rotates around the earth 13 times in a year.

Each month has exactly 4 weeks of 7 days.

The goal is to start a float around 11 or 11:30pm on the last day of each month.

When we do this in the 13th month, we will float right into The Day Out of Time: 7/25/2009.

Lilly pioneered a method for space – the 3rd dimension.

Systematic use of his technology at rhythmic times can re-align us with our higher bodies as 4th dimensional architects of the universe.

Please familiarize yourself with the 13-moon timekeeping prior to the next float on 5/29/2009


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