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float tank is a portal to hyperspace

I have been doing a meditatoin intensive all weekend – http://www.ohfloat.com/?p=94

and finally quit doing zen in the float tank. in a float tank, your mind naturally moves to the non-clinging state. why sit there and cling to the breath and body? So I finally dropped that.

Did some reading in Center of the cycle and then Programing the Human Biocomputer.

I started a float session.

I appeared in a basketball gym. I was showing the person there how I could do pirouttes and fly to the gym ceiling. He didn’t care.

I decided to come down and travel this time without a body. So I put my body on the ground and then left it… next thing I knew. I opened the door to my float tank and I was in someone’s backyard. I was afraid I would be seen nude there so I left.

I arrived in a place where my tractor was in the way. I watched a person bulldoze it out of the way. I followed him along the dirt road (this road is similar to a road I saw when I was a little kid – I suppose we have some way of re-stimulating and re-assembling memories from former points in time for some reason or the other).

then I saw my pickup truck and two other trucks up front. Then I came hurtling back to this dimension. I was flipping over and over… kind of like those chickens you see on rotisserie racks….. HAHAHAHAHAHAH. I was choking on water and spitting it up in the next moment.

Then I finally got back to this reality… whoa!

many tanks to Kane of floatmatrix.com for his 2 yields 3 philosophy.