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topsy turvy dimension blender

So I’m in the tank, and I become super relaxed – the head and legs let go. Normally these areas are tensed for self-defense. I completely let go of them, in a sense saying that I want relaxation more than saving this body.

So of course, the second I do so, various tensions grab my attention. It starts with being 100% certain that I am being electrocuted in the tank. And so I make some efforts to get out, but I cannot move my head or arms. Then reason kicks in and says: “if you were really electrocuted, you would be dead by now”

So I manage to get out of the tank and start upstairs, but before I know it, I’m “drowning” in the tank – but then I realize – “even though I dont know which way is up, at least my mouth is getting water”

And I become aware of Patricia and her father.

Then I see a little Mexican boy and ask him how to get out. and he says: “I dont understand it” and raises a latch. Then, there is a huge black fencework that needs to be raised.