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A standard for Objective Relaxation

Awhile back, when I was doing Silva Ultramind, I would fall alseep during the sessions. Now, an advanced Silva practitioner would not do that. What I have discovered in that I need way more rest than I have ever gotten. If I were “awake” and then had a massage, I would end up asleep on the table whereas otherwise I would not have.

Until a person can listen to Silva Ultramind without falling asleep (after a good nights sleep), then she needs to continue the journey to Standard Relaxation. And every time you fall asleep prematurely, rejoice! For you are closer to a very useful state of being!

Now enter diet.

In the midnight hour, more, more, more

One reason I dont want to run a highly commercial float center is that floating is a very personal experience and people may need time to recover. Or they may need to float some more.

A day or so ago, after a long float I came out onto land… and my body was whimpering like a weaned puppy dog. It implored me with all its heart to return to the tank, which I finally did. I never felt such agony and pleading for something in this body in 38 years.

just when the brain is getting bored…

I was laying there thinking… “ok I’m totally relaxed… and this is getting boring… so I’m getting out.”¬† Then, a tennis-elbow like pain startled to whistle through my elbow clear up to my scapula. and down my left side.

And after it had cleared I began to have fantasies of striking out baseball players and being a great bowler — clearly cellular memory detoxing itself.

Aural exhalation part II

Today, when I reached a good point of relaxation, I began a series of moans… “oooooohhhhh” , “aaaaahhhhh” — getting out that unseen tension via sound…

However, I must admit that methodic use of the Silva Ultra Mind System brings you to a much deeper relaxation methodically.

Thus, I think I will start using it regularly.

World Floatation Day #1

That float was totally beyond words….

I might get in trouble for this, but most religious groups have communal services more than once a year.

That was POWERFUL. My skin is ringing, vibrating, tingling. Head, arms, legs, back… this is wild. Almost like someone is holding a vibrator all over me. I felt like some sort of voltage was passing through me for most of the float. Some sort of intelligence… completely tweaked out float… Floating already owns but this was way beyond what a float normally does.

Jesus Christ.

The first annual World Floatation Day

Thanks to Kane Mantyla of Float Matrix in San Francisco, CA we are having the first (and not last) World Floatation Day. This is a day when we get together and float with a common intention. If you need an alarm clock, I use this software for the PC. Here is Kane’s final announcement!

baseline stress levels

I found out yesterday that I owed 11,000 in taxes. Now normally, I dont float for anything mundane like stress relief, but as soon as I got home, I turned up the heat, stripped off my clothes and DIVED into the tank. And normally, I like to satisfy my mind with  a bit of music or a guided meditation, BUT NOT THIS TIME.

The only thing I wanted was to get away from it ALL…drop EVERYTHING.

And that is just what I did. I had to pee after a long time, so I came out for a shower. And my body was pleading “go back in, go back in” and go back in I did… nothing better to do on the weekend so back we go. And yes, more and more comfort even in the waking state.

This was a float to return me tobaseline stress levels, to return to my normal wigged out self instead of the near-psychosis that the tax news put me in.