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“Eternal Slumber” by Lila Sakura

tank sleep is where it’s at

To maintain the most awareness of the dream state and perhaps the other inner states listed in “The Deep Self” tank sleep is recommended… I just finished 1 hour of tank sleep where I had no physical interference during the entirety of a scenario.I feel like I had a full nights sleep after only 2 hours of floating.

It was only Stage 2 of Lilly’s 10 (simulating a body and simulating an external reality), but the lucidity of the dream and the ability to actually remember phrases and deeply feel mental emotions was much greater than when my body is fighting with planetside beds, temperature, mosquitos, clothes, etc. Everything was much smoother with fewer interruptions.


Please understand each sensation you have in the float tank is a message to you from other universes. Your float tank is designed and uniquely positioned for the purpose of freeing beings.

serious stomach pain all day

A day ago, I really pushed hard to sleep in the tank, putting in about 5.5 hours. The next day I had general discomfort all through the upper body. It seemed like my biochemical balance was being righted too fast for me to adjust.

Undaunted, I went in for what was at least 6 or 7 continuous hours last night. It was _great_ when I came out. And then in my shower, this rubbery black gunk was rubbing off my arms. And then a by morning time, I had this serious stomach pain.

Being on the the warrior diet, I eat raw all day and eat my omnivorous cooked meal at night. Last night, I ate something I dont usually eat. Pasta with sphagetti sauce and some cheese that I really dont think was so great.

I also follow the Hulda Clark bowel maintenance program. And I took my Betaine Hydrochloride first thing in the morning. And after that is when the pain hit.

This pain has been interesting. I called this girl who is a healer and requested distance healing. Before we could get to the healing, i kept feeling better and better and better. I actually _saw_ that some aspect of me was remembering that I am supposed to be sick and kept trying to return me to the sick state.

Eventually my memory of illness won out and I went back downhill, but not into doubled-over pain. I got some ginger trips from Whole Foods (ginger and vitamin b-6 as Pyrodoxine HCl) and that made me feel better.

Now, I think the worst part is over. I’m going for some foot reflexology healing tonight and have 3 hours before I go… I really would like to float, and I am going to wait until I am drawn to long-term tank sleeping. I was really pushing things because I wanted to experience the thngs I’ve read in the archives here.

So I’m going back to 1 – 1.5 hours per day until I truly feel more is helping and not rushing.

That was a nice nap.

i really dont know how long i was in the tank. but man was that a great session. i came out and realized i needed to invite trishaluv to a soul gazing session.

in the shower, this rubbery black gunk came out through my skin.

you CAN have too much of a good thing

I planned to sleep in my tank tonight. I did the first session and had to come out to urinate. Then I went in for a second session and it started getting a bit hot in the tank. I feel very odd. I feel like I have not slept, but I dont feel sleepy. Also, I feel like my body chemistry is “too improved for its own good” —

This is definitely a case of too much too soon. Everything about what happened is positive, but it improved me too fast. Best to return to daily floating for 1 or 2 hours and stretching it out to 3 or 4 on the weekend… eventually your love for the tank will grow in harmony with your ability to assimilate its merits.

Then sleeping becomes a possibility.

perky and snappy!

Well, today was my first day of substituting my float tank for my futon… I came home at lunch, feeling a bit low-key. So instead of collapsing on my futon and waking up in a funk 1-2 hours later, I did a float.

And here I am fresh as a little spring chicken. bock bock bock!

the multi-dimensional value of floating

Before I go off and start talking about how great floating is in a willy-nilly fashion, I think it is best to break down the benefits along several axes:




Water alone is a powerful solvent. It can dissolves mountains… given enough time. And that is the key. If you spend 15 minutes in a shower and expect water to be able to dissolve impurities, well, I would disagree. When you float, you finally give your body enough water for long enough for it to be able to do something.

Epsom Salt

The discussion on the benefits of Epsom Salt alone will require numerous posts.

Extended Awake Hours Laying Down

  • no mental work to maintain upright position
  • less effort to pump blood
  • easier to breathe (stomach and diaphragm free to move)

Mental / Neural

Endorphin release – the Flotation REST environment leads to increased release of endorphins, thereby automatically reducing stress.


Inner Space Versus Outer Space

Outer space, supposedly the final frontier. Voyages in outer space require movement in a vehicle. The vehicle might be a car, spaceship, or a human body. Inner space is an altogether different journey. While the keywords of the outer journey are motion and sensory engagement. The keywords of the inner journey are stillness and sensory deprivation. The inner journey is territory unavailable to most, including myself. I spent 20 years of spiritual search doing nothing but failing to find the inner path… then floating gave it to me in 1 hour with no effort whatsoever.