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electric body out of control hovering

So, I’m in my zen float tent and I feel the tension in my forearms. Lots of tension from so much computer use. I figure: “oh well, this is going to a physical float and it will be that way until I float enough to get rid of this tension. probably weeks of daily floating is going to be necessary.”

But then I noticed big holes in my arms where the tension was. Then I noticed the pelvis was tight. I figured: “wow, the tank is great at finding and releasing tension.”

So then it felt like my arms were being zapped with low voltage. I got worried and figured I was being electrocuted. This is the 2nd time this has happened and in all my years of floating, it never happened. I figure that Orgasmic Medtation was the reason that I had that electricity. But I notice my heart is just fine, so I ignore it. Then the electricity is so powerful it is humming. and it seems like I do a forward flip out of the bottom of the tank through a vortex.

And suddenly I’m walking through a college food plaza. I realize that I left the house naked and say – “Oh my god, i will never do this again, let me fly back secretly.”

So I try to fly back and fly low but I keep not being able to choose y direction. I get blown backwards again and again. and i’m flying backwards fast and I worry that instead of going through buildings I will crash.

responsibility for players; intra and extra tank fantasy; heating the float room and bathroom

I woke up this morning and did a 30 minute insight meditation. After that, I realized that all trauma has to do with thinking a separate “I” was injured by a separate other. This is called the Responsibility Scale of 1962 in L. Ron Hubbard’s writings.So anyway, I was laying in the tank, doing something. I was either watching my breath or watching thoughts and studying how I felt I was separate from the person I was thinking about.

Before too long, I was having the following fantasy:


I was rolling down a river in my float tank and the river fed into a highway. I needed to get off the highway because I was low on air (to breathe). So I parked at a zoo and got out of my tank. Two girls saw me and asked me about my tank. I described it and one of them started telling me all about her former jobs. She got fixated on one job she had with people on welfare. One client had an issue with her taking pictures of him and went ballistic.It was about this time, I decided to stop dreaming and get out of the tank. So I got out and John Lilly was there in a bright blue Hawaiian shirt. I asked him what he thought of Scientology, since I had always wanted to do that. He said: well, they think they know something and are now just trying to figure out how to prove it. I dont work that way.

So I reflected on that advice and I realized that I got out of my tank using shock struts – but that was the old design. So then I realized I had never gotten out of the tank and was still in.

So this time, I really wake up 🙂

One neat thing I did this time was heat both the bathroom and the float room to 80 deg F so that I was not shocked by cold air when leaving the float room. That was a nice touch.

3 short heaves…

So I’ve started working with Ramanathan Iyer and I received my first remote healing yesterday.

The next morning I got up and did the blood meditation and it was quite astounding.

I made a pact to float daily and this morning I climbed into my tank…

3 heaves

I was laying in the tank, noticing the tension in my body. And as usual being completely amazed at how floating dissolves it. Then all of a sudden there was this rush of energy up towards my crown. 3 times this occurred and each my body arched its back to ‘hold back the rush’ … so then eventually it happens anyway. And I’m out in this area and I am closing in on this black totem like figure. Then I am handed a wooden gun that shoots pellets. I see lots of women in business clothes walking through an area. I know they are not my shooting target, but I dont want them to see me either, so I tip toe and hide behind columns.

This whole area is one I have visitedbefore. I know this somehow.

So I get to an office near the back… it’s a white-tile clinical-looking place. I move about looking for my prey. But most of the doors are sealed. I hear voices talking and keep moving.


Somewhere in the middle of all this, the following entire mental projection occurs.

I’m ready to get out of the tank, but I sit up too quickly and my heart is failing. So I lay back down. I even boost my legs up to ease the work on my heart. Then I manage to raise myself up gently and get ready to get out.

Then I realize I was projecting the whole thing!

Flying time!

So my hands can be used to turn my body as I fly fly fly. I use one hand in front, then the other. Then I’m flying up on a van full of kids. They are playing a certain rock song that is sure to be a hit. They get held up by a car – which is a good reason for the action to be held up, because then I can listen to the song even longer. Then they take off.

I make my way down a street and say: “Let’s look back at the street and time how long it takes… OK it’s houcher street” and then I move at high high speed down this street!

Wearable floatation tank

A hilarious comment from dokgoth on justin.tv –

beltain 2009 trip report

It was predetermined to use the KLM formula for tank-alchemy:

  1. K – Kane – section 1.1 – Objective, Subjective, Placebo, Nocebo
  2. L – Lilly – “The Dyadic Cyclone” – instructions from ECCO
  3. M – ME! – per “Tanks for the Memories” – invent reasons for tank incidents

Section 1 – took a lot of effort to hold to a linear train of thought long enough to meditate on this data, but I perservered.

Section 2 – here is where I began to really work to form a space

Section 3 – had numerous fascinating sub-incidents:

condensation #1 and 2 – when a drop fell on me, I saw that woman with Black hair weeping because she did not know how to find me. on the next condensation drop, she used her tears to mix a potion to conjure me



Frank – went through several obvious expectations before I finally prepared for the unexpected and something wild happened – his head was spinning 1000 times faster and in complete circles!

violating feminine points – before the tank session, I had been reading about Lilly and dolphins and dreaming of having a pet dolphin to float with. I realized how vane that was from a financial standpoint. But in the tank, I decided to grow a body and have sexual fun with a point of energy expressing itself as feminine. I thought I was fully conscious and capable of getting away with this dastardly act.

Before I knw it, I was beset by various forces in the water. A few times I saw my physical body thrashing against the walls of the tank in horror. A huge fear gripped me: “what if an octupus gets my arms?” But then even worse, a huge chasm was forming in the pool of water, sucking me down. Iwrithed left and right with no success! I was going to drown, to drown!

And then the tank experience ended.

My muscles were much much softer everywhere.

from 3 sides

I got into the tank this morning. After a few minutes in the tank, I began to think: “its too cold in this tank. I’m not going to be able to relax. Well, I will just stay awhile and hope it warms up”.

My left arm was palm up, the right palm down, as Baron Eugene Fersen instructs in his 27 Lessons in the Science of Being.


The relaxation in this posture is unusual. It is more of a ‘toning’ of the body than a release. The purpose of that posture is to channel universal energy into the body. It is a Huna practice (huna being a western revival of the Hawaiian Kahuna technique).



The second phase of Fersen’s exercise involves entering into silence. Just prior to entering into silence, I had a jazzy upbeat song I invented just singing through my head. I realized that when you listen to good music, you are not thinking. Cessation of thought is the definition of Yoga. Nonetheless, I eventually allowed my physical relaxation to translate into mental relaxation. 

Instead of trying to ‘enter into silence’ – I instead allowed my thinker to relax. Immediately I realized that I thought my thinker was in my head somehwere. I realized that the brain is a receiver of thought… an antenna which can tune into Universal Mind by use of frequencies. So instead of trying to stop thought within my head (which really just shuts out Universal Mind), I went out out out to Universal Mind and sourced it’s infinite spacious silence….



I was travelling along somewhere with some people. I was talking with them. At some point we get to what we are looking for…


I leave them to fly 10 feet above a road… I am along a high wall just easily flying. I do this for about 1/4 of a mile, then start to hover. I turn around and look back… I see smoke and clouds in my third eye. I hear a whirling whooshing sound (the rotating cave? More than likely the heater in the room turned on… for I was aware of being in the tank while having this voyage).



I decide I can help the most by going deep into space and agree to this. The low hum starts to pull backwards along the road, first at a crawl then a bit faster. I start to rise. Around this time, I can hear some Voice trying to communicate with me. It move my head around to serve as an antenna to turn this constant urgent tone into something I can understand in English. I hear what it has to say…


I’m still moving at a moderate gallop, maybe 15-30mph. I rotate to the left. There is moonlight shining through a thicket of trees. The voicecontinues. I translate. AUM SAN PEDRO AUM… this is the first float I have had with my Saint Peter cacti outside the tank!



It’s about thistime that the dream ends. BE CAREFUL WHO YOU ASSOCIATE WITH!

first service as portal to infinity

physical knots

the session started with me noticing some physical knots. this was a mid-day session. i thought of playing go. or eating more (even though i was already bloated and tired from earlier eating). so I know the best thing for this physical body is to plop down in the tank, so in I go!!!

truck incident

i dont know if this happened before or after ‘up in room’ — I was riding a scooter(?) along a highway. I see a large large truck to my right. Then I realize that I am being forced to drive between 2 18-wheelers with another one on my tail. I realize the one behind me is about to hit me. I cry out “BRUCE HELP ME” and realize I should have said “BRUNO HELP ME” – i am in the median of the highway

up in room

at some point, i get the notion to float up out of the tank. So I’m up above my tank in the room. And there is more pipes and machinery in this astral experience than in my physical room. I survey this for a bit

going out

i understand the need to leave planet earth, to go far enough out that I can see it in its entirety. i look up into my 3rd eye to navigate. Pretty soon, some stars appear. And then more. And I begin my rapid movement away from earth (still have not seen it). some hesitancy, yet I continue. And a sound getting louder and louder as I pick up speed. I think ‘my, i will have a heart attack — no body and here I am about to see the earth and I’m not in a spaceship or anything!’

so, fear leads to me using focus on my earth Identity to make my return.


i start making my way back. back into a single body and a single place. I think of my address, etc.  i get back into the tank, but i’m flipping all over — up down, around here there.

a helping hand

And then a hand .. an arm, is in the tank. I grasp it. It responds. I look to the narrow back wall of the tank. There is someone who looks like Herman Munster but with red hair. I try to get him to jack me off, but he does not. For some reason he tries to enter the tank full-body and I shove him back. As I shove him back a 3 foot hole in the tank is revealed. And a seal is there. I stroke it’s head a few times.


so I am back in the tank and I feel myself  ‘getting myself together’.