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i was already awake

I am still experimenting with the inflatable neck pillow. You can get a setup which elongates the spine quite a bit and tucks the chin — Alexander Technique stuff. Or you can pull it down near your shoulders and get a serious S-curve going in the spine. All in all, this float did not take me anywhere though. I did a lot of meditation this morning with Buddhism Central Ohio and my mind has been expanded all day. That being said, the physical benefits of floating are tremendous and not to be scoffed at 🙂

Weekend Meditation Tank Intensive v.2

I really like Biocomputer Zazen. It’s a fusion of Zazen and Lilly’s revelations about the human biocomputer. I describe it here.

Anyway, here is a new tank intensive schedule, designed to make sure that the transition from wake to sleep and sleep to wake are spent in the tank. If you need to opt out of a zazen session for something else, feel free:

We may as well use enumeration and let the numbers represent what we do in military time:

  1. float
  2. float
  3. float
  4. float
  5. float
  6. float
  7. float
  8. breakfast
  9. zazen
  10. zazen
  11. biocomputer-style lilly reading
  12. lunch
  13. zazen
  14. zazen
  15. biocomputer-style lilly reading
  16. zazen
  17. zazen
  18. biocomputer-style lilly reading
  19. whatever!
  20. float
  21. float
  22. float
  23. float

My first professional float in my Float to Relax tank

I have owned my Float to Relax floatation tank for about 5-6 months now. However, I was never serious about the specific gravity of 1.25 or the water height of 10 inches. Nonetheless, the last 5 months have been nothing but improvement. And the time I took off to setup the pump, filter and water and salt cost me in terms of self-improvement. But it was well worth it. The final thing to work on is the temperature above the water and that will come with using a smaller room and  digital heater… I am WIRED. And yes, I knocked out tons of body tension… moved from skeletal tension to releasing that. To muscular tension… then we can finally get at MIND ITSELF…. Look out baby!