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“Kismet” by Nadja Lind

best listened to with headphones, I was taken into this track deeper than I expected. iAwake Technologies has a huge range or audio tracks and programs designed to catapult you into the deeper recesses of your mind-space. I’ve never used ear pods in an isolation tank, but if I did, this is one track that I would definitely cue up.

What’s funny is that I was scrolling through my old posts and noticed that I posted on this very same track about a year ago!

“Kismet” by Nadja Lind

This track works its way into your brain and being slowly smoothly and deeply without limits. Even without headphones, this was baking my skull.

Anthony Sommer – ” Open Third Eye – Pineal Gland Activation – Third Eye Stimulation”

This piece really works. Put on an eye cover, place your attention at the 3rd eye. I like the use the methods of The Solar Logos Foundation, a group now known as Sunburst: inward from the temples and behind the eyes is your focal point for the christ light to pierce the crown and meet there.

I am also eager to try his lucid dreaming piece.

“Morning” by 33 Bowls

33bowls ยท 33bowls morning

Stimulating interview with the artist.

Black Sabbath – Solitude

Thanks to Sulev for posting this.

Stephen Ugo Rosin – Milk Machine

One of the best dark-ambient productions of “Mr. Fist” – Stephen Ugo Rosin: https://bloodntongue.bandcamp.com/album/milk-machine-phase-one

Turn it on and let it grow…. or fast-forward to Stimulator, where it really starts to turn your brain inside-out.

Just climbing out of the tank?

this provides a nice ramp-up from the utter void… eventually moving into Carbon-Based Lifeforms / Sounds from the Ground territory without ever getting that heavy on the beat.

Blasting off in 3, 2, ….

Spark up a phatty to this

Kubuschnitt – Cube (2000)

“Sunlight of Oneness”by Phillip Wilkerson

More excellent atmospheric textures to enjoy from Phillip Wilkerson.