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What is a floatation tank?

Here is a cutaway view of a floatation tank: It contains 1000 pounds of Epsom salt in water… so you float effortlessly. It is warmed to skin temperature. And it is sound light-proof. So you are free of stimulus… an easy automatic way to “get away from it all” without taking a trip to the Swiss Alps!

Jaime Johnson: the good and the bad

First the good

I am a single male with a 2 story 2.5 bedroom townhouse. Recently I had some movers bring in some things and they tracked snow and dirt all over my house. Not only that, but I had been busy and dishes were all over the kitchen. The floor had grime and food waste everywhere. Clothes were upstairs, and downstairs laying in piles. I will spare you the rest, but you get the picture: this place was a disaster area unfit for human habitation. I was choking in air because all the grime was feeding parasitic life forms and their excretia. So, I ran through the craigslist ads in desperation. My problem was not just cleaning. I had a poorly organized house. And I can only thank God that I found Jaime. She came in and room-by-room re-organized my entire house. But she had a vision for re-organization from the beginning. She knew where everything needed to be and worked like lightning to put things right. Now, the next day, I am living in this townhouse the way I should: like a king with a well-tended castle. The air is fresh, the floors are clean, and I sat down last night and watched a DVD in comfort, thanks to Jaime’s ideas about re-arranging the whole house. If we assume that cleanliness is next to Godliness, then it’s really a shame that preachers are supposedly the stairway to god when it’s really people like Jaime. How can we give credit to doctors when the baseline for health is a clean environment. Why do drug companies and doctors make millions and a top-tier cleaner/organizer like Jaime works for pennies? Why can “interior decorators” charge 70-80/hour when Jaime decorates AND cleans at the same time? There is but one answer to these questions: book your time with Jaime and compensate her well for service that is worth nothing less than one million dollars.

Update: now the bad


now I sadly must report some serious issues with Jaime Johnson.

  1. unpunctuality
  2. completely forgetting about appointments, scheduling them for a day later than we confirmed in writing via email
  3. obvious chemical dependancy. The apparent chemicals are caffeine and tobacco.
  4. attempts to extort more money than was agreed upon in writing.
  5. clearly operating without a business license
  6. failed to provide receipts for service, even after asked.
  7. ignoring email requests to provide receipts, promising “I will get to them when I can” — and that was a month ago.
  8. harsh, harsh, self-righteous attitude, probably due to abuse in her younger years.

She is a very talented housekeeper. But overall, there are some glaring and uncomfortable imbalances in her personal life and some unacceptable drops in level of professionalism that I cannot tolerate.

caking epsom salt

Pumping saltwater from a container up to the 2nd floor of my townhouse worked just fine. But when I tried to use the same hose to pump the water “downhill” it would not work… and it confused me because it was an easier pumping job.

So I went to Home Depot and bought a bunch of clear hose so I could see where things were going wrong… when experienced people tell you to secure the join points, LISTEN. I simply attached the hose sections together without clamping them and made a spectacle of myself in front of all of my already-suspicious neighbors! Good thing everything is above board and cleared with the rental office.

So anyway, I pumped using the clear hose from the house back to the container and it worked just fine. But then the next day I tried to pump from container to tank and it failed again… but this time I could see clearly. What had happened is that epsom salt had formed cakes near each joint. So I had to remove each clamp and slap the hose on cement to shatter the salt rocks. Then everything worked well and the tank filled…

Of course there’s one more thing that happened..

The water drained out of the tank faster than the salt in the tank, leaving me with 2-4 inches of salt at the bottom of the tank. So, I had a mover take the vat of salt and tilt it towards my front door so I could scoop it out and put it in the tank.

Now, I did a bit of scooping, but it was getting late and I didnt want to irk my neighbors. Now, I awake and the water and salt is frozen solid.

So, when the water thaws, I’m still worried that the salt will be in rocks and I will need to “de-cake” it somehow… suggestions?

But really, everything is OK according to the saltwater concentration meter.

All in all

All in all, I am very happy to have a basic tank with easily-replaceable parts. And doing this myself was educational… aggravating, but educational. I’m very lucky to have a high quality moving service right around the corner from my house. He was able to come over at a moment’s notice on several occassions and make snap moving jobs for me.

What now?

Well, right now the tank is warming up. It started at 42 degrees once it was filled. Now, it is up into the 70s 9 hours later. I have found a powerful portable furnace with a great return policy that tells me they know this sucker will put out some heat.

I want this heater for a few reasons:

  • water will be forced to equilibrate with room temp. And that heater will force the room temperature to 94 easily
  • I’m thinking of just getting a big bathtub and enclosing it in a light and heat tight room. Then just using a powerful heater to being the water temperature to 94. And then just use bleach on the whole setup to keep away the mold problem that Frank mentioned.

theme mods

Just so i dont forget all the things I did to this excellent darkwater theme to soup it up:

  • added amazon affiliate
  • added google analytics
  • added sitemap plugin (well, that has nothing to do with this theme tho)