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tank sleep, day whatever

Well, you are doing a good job. The merging of mental activity with the awareness of the body is nothing you can force, but you can certainly notice it after a tank session.

Amazing how so much gets done via a tank sleep with absolutely no doing other than making sure the head-neck area is full relaxed.

The future prospects of continued “practice” are most enticing! Thank goodness I did not chase God As Money and leave my home with floatation tank. My bank account moans but my soul soars!

tank sleep day 3

ultra efficient – you get a full nights sleep (tonight was a full nightmare. “oh my god he’s got a knife and he thinks his religion is the greatest. he’s hiding behind my mobile home…” I woke up and my heart was thudding. Then laid down for some more.

then you shower. in just 2-3 hours, you have a deep restful sleep and you’re showered for the next day. just a few more hours of shut-eye and you’re ready for all the activities of the next day, fully hydrated, rested and cleaned.

tank sleep day 2

No visuals today? No problem. I went in exhausted and came out refreshed and clean. Keep plugging away at it. It can only get better.

tank sleep day 1

It’s amazing when your brain has a full storyline cranking out and YOU and your awareness are pointed elsewhere. Sometimes you get full lucidity with a tank sleep session, other times, the dreams runs alongside your pure awareness and your body, making 3 things for the trip.

The effects are also noticeable once you leave the tank.