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3 short heaves…

So I’ve started working with Ramanathan Iyer and I received my first remote healing yesterday.

The next morning I got up and did the blood meditation and it was quite astounding.

I made a pact to float daily and this morning I climbed into my tank…

3 heaves

I was laying in the tank, noticing the tension in my body. And as usual being completely amazed at how floating dissolves it. Then all of a sudden there was this rush of energy up towards my crown. 3 times this occurred and each my body arched its back to ‘hold back the rush’ … so then eventually it happens anyway. And I’m out in this area and I am closing in on this black totem like figure. Then I am handed a wooden gun that shoots pellets. I see lots of women in business clothes walking through an area. I know they are not my shooting target, but I dont want them to see me either, so I tip toe and hide behind columns.

This whole area is one I have visitedbefore. I know this somehow.

So I get to an office near the back… it’s a white-tile clinical-looking place. I move about looking for my prey. But most of the doors are sealed. I hear voices talking and keep moving.


Somewhere in the middle of all this, the following entire mental projection occurs.

I’m ready to get out of the tank, but I sit up too quickly and my heart is failing. So I lay back down. I even boost my legs up to ease the work on my heart. Then I manage to raise myself up gently and get ready to get out.

Then I realize I was projecting the whole thing!

Flying time!

So my hands can be used to turn my body as I fly fly fly. I use one hand in front, then the other. Then I’m flying up on a van full of kids. They are playing a certain rock song that is sure to be a hit. They get held up by a car – which is a good reason for the action to be held up, because then I can listen to the song even longer. Then they take off.

I make my way down a street and say: “Let’s look back at the street and time how long it takes… OK it’s houcher street” and then I move at high high speed down this street!