Peeling the initial layers of the onion…

I was stressed. Beyond stressed. I was going out of my mind. I grabbed all my clothes and shoved them in a suitcase and drove from Columbus to Chi-town in one day. Thank goodness Spacetime Tanks has been open for 26 years and booked me the same day.

On the first day, when I got into the water, I was struck by how different *I* was from the water. The water was calm, pure and gentle. I was hard like a rock. But then I began to merge, melt, slowly but surely.

The next day when I got in the water, I realized my arms were hunched up chronically to my neck… almost as if I was ever-ready to ward off a violent blow from behind. But over the hour session, this too began to drop away. 

The third day was my 4-hour session. My arms began to unroll and I started to trust the tank. Over a 4-hour period I actually began to allow my neck to release.

I did a final 4-hour session on Tuesday of last week. Here my perception began to trust extending out beyond my body… gradually, slowly a few times it happened.

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