the multi-dimensional value of floating

Before I go off and start talking about how great floating is in a willy-nilly fashion, I think it is best to break down the benefits along several axes:




Water alone is a powerful solvent. It can dissolves mountains… given enough time. And that is the key. If you spend 15 minutes in a shower and expect water to be able to dissolve impurities, well, I would disagree. When you float, you finally give your body enough water for long enough for it to be able to do something.

Epsom Salt

The discussion on the benefits of Epsom Salt alone will require numerous posts.

Extended Awake Hours Laying Down

  • no mental work to maintain upright position
  • less effort to pump blood
  • easier to breathe (stomach and diaphragm free to move)

Mental / Neural

Endorphin release – the Flotation REST environment leads to increased release of endorphins, thereby automatically reducing stress.


Inner Space Versus Outer Space

Outer space, supposedly the final frontier. Voyages in outer space require movement in a vehicle. The vehicle might be a car, spaceship, or a human body. Inner space is an altogether different journey. While the keywords of the outer journey are motion and sensory engagement. The keywords of the inner journey are stillness and sensory deprivation. The inner journey is territory unavailable to most, including myself. I spent 20 years of spiritual search doing nothing but failing to find the inner path… then floating gave it to me in 1 hour with no effort whatsoever.

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