aural exhalation in the 2nd hour

In my first hour of the float, I amused my mind by listening to harold budd’s “Lovely Thunder” album. In the 2nd hour, I floated in silence. My body began a number of elongations and relaxations. I felt pain in various places as Relaxation, that Mother of All, began to wrap her arms around me and take me back to where I once was.

There was pain in my left shoulder blade area, reminding of some tennis injuries. My head tilted to the left, reminding me of a motorcycle fall. My hips loosened up, reminding me of that time I jumped from a high wall in Vegas. My neck loosened up, reminding me of being hit from the back in New Port richey, Florida.

And then the break-through came, my body started melting. On each exhalation, all I could do was say “oooohhhhhhh”, “ooooohhhhh” …. with each exhalation, Mother Relaxation lay bare her bosom and invited me deeper into her secret treasure regions of Origin, Bliss, Creation, and of course, the Voice of the Silence.

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