objective criteria for improvement … or just float to your heart’s content?

1 – the Yoga sutras state that yoga is cessation of un-necessary mental activity. However, these same sutras list a number of abilities that accompany genuine enlightenment: many people have developed deep relaxation through floating and other practices but I wonder if their relaxation is the genuine deepest, given that there are very few people with the abilities…

I ran across Nicolai Levashov – http://www.levashov.info/Video/Telekinesis.zip
who in this video demonstrates moving a glass without touching it. he also claims to have stopped forest fires and more.

I’m watching his healing videos – they have stunning deep space visuals and 70s synth music backing his healing motions on the videos. You can download and watch them for free… be sure to finish session one because session two has even better deep space visuals… it only takes 10 days to finish the first session – http://www.levashov.info/Video/video-en.html

2 – The main reason I like scientology so much is that each level increases awareness but also requires an increase in ability: Scientology is about putting you at cause instead of at effect. And increase your ability to cause anything, including the creation of universes. So you move along the time track, through universes, towards first cause and along the way you regain your abilities and awareness of what you really are.

3 – Other systems (advaita, zen for instance) are quite content to say awareness is all there is. Me personally, I prefer objective yardsticks for how close my awareness is to the supposed initial causative awareness.

Moving on to the body, take a look at these photographs of body use:


The alexander technique has very fixed rules about what constitutes correct body use (contrast with Feldenkrais, which is way more floatey (grin)) .. and workable results which improves people’s quality of life.

I’ve been wondering if I need something other than relaxation. If I really need to measure up to some standards of body and mind usage which show that I have truly truly improved.

When it comes to body use, I am into Alexander. When it comes to use of myself as a spiritual being, i am into (Freezone) Scientology. And both for the same reason: objective, graded criteria for improvement. Floating on the other hand, has only the Timothy Leary criteria: tune in, turn on, drop out 🙂

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