a most unusual session – transition from physical to psychological

To date, most of my float sessions involved deeper and deeper degrees of physical relaxation. Particularly along the spine. Today was the first day where deeper things “relaxed”.

I started out waiting for loosening to occur in the neck region but noticed it was already quite loose. Then nothing happened further down in the lower spinal areas either.

But then, recent memories began to play back. But what was odd is they (the visual pictures) began to elongate, much like my spine does when it relaxes — I suppose all the charge was being knocked out of them.

And then I had something of a nightmare. It is hard to remember it. I recall some sort of crashing about. And cords being disconnected. It reminded me of how Neo would sit in the chair when entering the matrix. The odd thing was I was not “me” in these nightmares. I was something like a computer chip or a chess piece – the things I use the most.

I gained the usual physical benefits… oh one more thing.

After the nightmare ended. I decided to try to visualize a red ball in front of my eyes. Instead there was a red band with white slashes in it. Someone said: “we’ve been needing to communicate with you. Come back tomorrow for more information”

Late that night

When I dosed off to sleep on land that night, I had a dream that I was floating and while I was floating I had another experience which I can no longer recall… wow.

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