a float never bottoms out

Tonight, I got into the tank. As usual, I started by smoothing out the ping pong. Then I progressively began to insure that the head-neck region was fully relaxed.

it was at this point, that I began to wonder why I ever got into floating. It seemed that I was there as relaxed as could be, wasting time in salt water.

this apparent “mastery of relaxation” held up its veil/charade for a good 15 minutes to 1/2 hour.

And then the sky caved in.

I began to exhale deeply. And draw in air deeply. And hold air for long periods of time with no effort. However, the air above the tank was cold and I needed to pee. So I had to cut this session short just as it was getting good 🙂

I have high expectations for what lies beyond all my tension. And only time will tell!

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