Arbaco Portable Furnace review – poor customer service, poor product

Do yourself a favor and do NOT purchase an Arbaco Portable Furnace.

The risk-free policy for the portable furnace states “There is absolutely no risk, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. ” and the return policy page states ” Leave box with product for return at any shipping company and send product to the following address.”

but the customer has to pay return shipping costs… My issues with this:

  • they do not state that the customer has to pay return shipping
  • they promise ‘risk-free’ and ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ but you run the risk of paying return shipping… which not risk-free
  • One of their salespeople and one of their customer service reps hung up in my face when I attempted to discuss this issue with them.

On top of all this, the furnace simply did not work. It was noisy and did little to heat my bedroom after 4 hours of continuous use.

And I can’t forget the “Inspected By” certificate inside… when I tried to open the metal casing the head of one of the screws was stripped out, forcing me to do one of two things. Go through another wait period or bend back the casing to install the lamps.

Oh well, at least I get my money back for returning it!

Time for some Laughter Yoga.

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