the Avatar story

In an interview given in 1988 to the Star Gazette, an American newspaper, Palmer says he was the victim of an “extortion campaign” at the same time promising to make refunds, with no obligation, as a “gesture of kindness.”

He then set out “to explore many systems of beliefs, the psychedelic movement, Eastern philosophies, the hippie movement, Zen, modern psychology….” It was at this time he began to develop a particular technique: “I create my experience according to what I believe.” Float tankTo arrive to this end, he replaced the table of his dining room with a 500 kg sensory deprivation tank. He remained inside over an eight week period in a state of weightlessness, thanks to an Epsom salt solution dissolved in water. “It was at this time,” he states it in his book “Living Deliberately, “that the Avatar lessons appeared. I observed my consciousness become defined, starting from the void, advancing and ebbing like the tide, in this non-space ocean of inexpressible source consciousness. From this point of view, one can perceive or apprehend (i.e. to perceive without instructions) a thought form. It is something!” Before concluding: “relativity is the ultimate truth! If Albert Einstein had had a tank, he would have understood that much earlier.”

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