two difficulties, one solution

Difficulty 1: an aggravation

I have to attend a pointless meeting every month. I dread it. I can hear the manager now, saying: “So how’s it going?”  — it seems like a small thing,  but the way that she says it and the fact that there is no point to the meeting infuriates me. So, what I realize is there is a chain: (1) the thought of her saying that (2) my evaluation of her saying that (3) the negative emotions (4) the physical clenching on the body. Now, how does one apply the Raw Mechanics of Zazen to this painful thought/memory? Well, I say, we go for the root. Let’s look at the thought of her saying that. Then acknowledge it. Then let it go. Then deliberately and consciously go back to counting. So, let’s give ol’ Zazen a run for it’s money.

Difficulty 2: doing this by myself

I have an urge to partake of the services of Swami Ganga-Puri Kaliuttamananda-Giri. I saw her on Youtube giving Shaktipat and was impressed. She definitely cuts to the chase and has results. But I am sick of relying on others. thoroughly sick of it.

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