a successful and unsuccesful metaprogram for zazen

I had an idea that breath watching meditation is supposed to be to the exclusion of all other thoughts and everything else was to be blocked out. I had been fighting like a dog using this metaprogram for 1.5 days.

Today, after reading a bit of Lilly (with excellent translation by Beverly Potter), I used a metaprogram very similar to what Chogyam Trungpa once said… when meditating, 30% is on breath. 30% is making friends with yourself, etc.

So my metaprogram was:

  • 10-20% of attention on counting
  • 10-20% on catching thoughts but not chasing them
  • the rest on coordinating those two processes

This was highly successful. I was not as absorbed as I wanted to be. But I did not get off course either.

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