being taught some lessons

So I’m in the tank and I get the notion to visit China. Before I know it, I’m being lifted up, up… then I say: ‘nah, I dont want to float. I will just get out of the tank.’ So I’m getting out ofthe tank, but no dice, I’m going higher and higher, up and out… and I try to look down and see china but realize I need to go out further.

So I’m heading out out and resolve to go ahead and have the Loud Sound pull me back fast and far so I can see all of earth for the benefit of Earthlings.

But some hands grab my shoulder blades and lead me towards a scene.

And there is a time issue. I’m at a course and leave for home. Then I look at my watch. It’s 4:30… only 30 more minutes who would go backto work for that?

So an individual takes me to a house where a woman and child he knows are there. Now, these people are speaking in a rather screechy, guttural dialect – Scandinavian or German and I realize I want to get back to my car. I look ath the balls I have – a soccer and basket one. I decide I can get back without asking this gentleman to take me back.

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