beltain 2009 trip report

It was predetermined to use the KLM formula for tank-alchemy:

  1. K – Kane – section 1.1 – Objective, Subjective, Placebo, Nocebo
  2. L – Lilly – “The Dyadic Cyclone” – instructions from ECCO
  3. M – ME! – per “Tanks for the Memories” – invent reasons for tank incidents

Section 1 – took a lot of effort to hold to a linear train of thought long enough to meditate on this data, but I perservered.

Section 2 – here is where I began to really work to form a space

Section 3 – had numerous fascinating sub-incidents:

condensation #1 and 2 – when a drop fell on me, I saw that woman with Black hair weeping because she did not know how to find me. on the next condensation drop, she used her tears to mix a potion to conjure me



Frank – went through several obvious expectations before I finally prepared for the unexpected and something wild happened – his head was spinning 1000 times faster and in complete circles!

violating feminine points – before the tank session, I had been reading about Lilly and dolphins and dreaming of having a pet dolphin to float with. I realized how vane that was from a financial standpoint. But in the tank, I decided to grow a body and have sexual fun with a point of energy expressing itself as feminine. I thought I was fully conscious and capable of getting away with this dastardly act.

Before I knw it, I was beset by various forces in the water. A few times I saw my physical body thrashing against the walls of the tank in horror. A huge fear gripped me: “what if an octupus gets my arms?” But then even worse, a huge chasm was forming in the pool of water, sucking me down. Iwrithed left and right with no success! I was going to drown, to drown!

And then the tank experience ended.

My muscles were much much softer everywhere.

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