who am i (kundalini style)

Hello, I’m glad to join Phoenix Tools. In an attempt to describe who I am, I will do my best to list what I do and what I have, since that is probably the best I can do (grin). I encountered Phoenix Tools through the gracious video response of Betsy to a video of mine on youtube entitled Largely Shakti-Driven Movements.  At that time, I had taken my initiation from Guru Siyag recently. As is typical of me, after about 3 months of this system, I lost interest. I had been doing a focusing technique in Franz Bardon’s “Initiation into Hermetics” where you simply watch all thoughts with a neutral perspective. I began to ask myself: “why am I doing this kundalini system?  Do I really think I am here in this body in need of this?” and then I stopped it. It was quite powerful, I had a few visions and certain sounds indicative of Sant Mat style soul travel. But anyway, I quit my regular daily practice and went on to other things. Primarily at this moment, my enjoyable practices are:

  1. Dreamspell calendar – I am deprogramming myself from the Gregorian chaos and into the syncretic old-age new-age 13-moon calendar inuited primarily by Jose Arguelles
  2. SomaEnergetics tuning forks – Betsy speaks of entrainment on her website. After a tuning fork session, my breathing is silky smooth and perfectly rhythmic and completely effortless – it was never that way when I was doing Leonard Orr’s rebirthing breathwork. It was more forced rhythmic breathing then. I really love striking the high-pitched angel tuners against a piece of crystal
  3. Isolation tank – AKA sensory deprivation tank, floatation tank. I own a tank and it is maybe the greatest thing for me. It has obvious physical, mental benefits. And I am now sleeping in my tank and I awake super hydrated and having lightly surfed along with the body as it ran out it’s subconscious programming.
  4. Phoenix Tools – I’m attracted to the copper ring and will post separately on my efforts thus far
  5. psychedelics – I am the Columbus president of the Cannabis Protection Union and am an avid San Pedro cactus fan. I respect all the shamanic psychedelics. I love smokeable DMT. San pedro seems to be the most kundalini based psychedelic. It methodically forces you to defect and perhaps throw up. Then King San Pedro starts contracting your stomach and perhaps contracting your anus in and out as MOther Kundalini makes her way up. One of the best video sessions I had with Guru Siyag was captured to youtube as “Signposts of Kundalini’s Ascent” – it discusses in no-nonsense terms what you can expect as kundalini makes her way up. I have had some of these signs, but I am too lazy for regular diligent practice
  6. blood pH dieting. There are many many many ways to look at diet, but pH ties directly into the alkaloid aspect of the positive psychotropics. Most dieting and illness-producing things like pollution acidify our blood. I am happy that psychedelics, a certain diet and alkaline water (whether in my float tank or from a water ionizer) balance this out. I chanced across the phIon balance family of products and their youtube videos. They are quite impressive and much cheaper than a water ionizer.
  7. Scientology – I never can get totally away from Scientology. It was one of the greatest influences on me ever. The Freezone is certainly safer than the Church, but even in the freezone, there are always new developments. The cross-link between Betsy’s website and scientology occurs when she speaks of how to do self-healing by doing nothing. The buddhists call this “bare attention” and Franklin Merrel Wolff called it “high indifference” I was working with this last night in a creative way… we humans have awareness and creativity as are king and queen powers… I choose creativity over awareness. So, the instructions to John Lilly from ECCO (earth coincidence control office) were: expect the unexpected. It’s just that simple. In a single moment, you are running 10,000 tape loops based on conditioned expectations. Just a microsecond in the imaginal realm and re-chart your phenomenal realm outcome (to borrow from Volume III of Jose Arguelles’ cosmic history). And in spiritologie they refer to it was “zero perception”
  1. Lawanna Rine – now I found lawanna because I wanted to do 10 rebirthing sessions, but I quickly found out I found someone who grabs any and everything to get the job done. She is a certified rebirthing breathworker, but she will bring in Saint Germain’s Violet Flame and Theta Therapy and whatever else to get the job done. And amazingly, she has no website. She lives on a 23 acre 500,000 dollar property by herself in the woods and yet draws enough people to her in Strasburg, OH to cover all finances! She is 83-years old and an advocate of physical immortality. And she has no gray hair.

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