an experiment in contra-survival floatation

I’m experimenting with room and tank temperatures to find the optimal mix. Room temperature was 90 deg F and tank temperature may have been 95.3… my thermometer needs calibration but it did feel rather warm, instead of that usual tepid slightly chilled temp I’m used to.So I get into my tank (which only has 16 inches of clearance to the top) and it’s a pressure cooker. It’s hot and uncomfortable. I make notes to drop the room temperature to 80 deg F next time.

But now for some fun. Is there some way to enjoy myself while my body is sending distress signals about being in sub-optimal conditions? I tried a number of techniques:


  1. radiate loving-kindness to the sensations of heat – hmm, I still felt agony
  2. expect the unexpected – I cant send my attention elsewhere, I’m suffering!
  3. observe the sensations with bare attention/equanimity – hmm, man, look. it’s hot in here. and that’s a fact
  4. radiating loving-kindness to the feeling I AM – Eureka! This is truly an amazing technique. Sri Siddharameshar gifted Nisargadatta Maharaj with an excellent tool. It really goes to the root of all problems – the idea that I am a separate entity.

Nothing like trial by fire to see which meditation technique owns!

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